Water pipes

I am thinking of installing a small boiler radiator in my bathroom and run the plumbing hot water heater water pulled the radiator and then to the manifold shower. I just want to try to add additional heat in the bathroom when I shower in the mornings with minimal cost. I do not like going into a cold bath after a shower, and I do not want to install an additional heater or turn the oven up higher. Do you think this would work to help generate any heat. And so today I learned that … Probably help, but if it works really well, take all the time for your shower water to warm up and then finished cooling down enough to not be so hot, but turning up your water heater temperature would solve that. Sounds like a cool impromptu DIY project. If you want to be green-mind, maybe you should focus on somehow heat recovery water going down the drain. This probably would not heat the room, but it would be without heat. Heating the room before the shower is the heat that is paid as turning up your water heater temperature. Good luck, I hope you can somehow get the word if it works.

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