Types of Roofing

My brother is a roofing contractor. He has over 20 years experience in this field. I used to have his own roofing business was a success so far (due to the economic crisis). Now he's jobless. He has been trying to find a job with a large roofing companies. However, he has experience in residential and non-commercial roofs. I was wondering if there is possibly a crash course that could take at home to be able to do more. Roofing related or something else it could be. Please advise. He has a lot of pride and all that really makes it go down. Thank you. Essentially – How about a wholesaler Roofs / building materials? Since sales outside? His experience would be really beneficial for their clients. Or a technical support manager for a manufacturer or roofing manufacturers try metal and asphalt shingles, if the business was that everything works properly, have any contacts to reach. My best advice would be to network within the industry, and be patient. Something must come, but not without his local "industry" knowing who is out there and looking for an opportunity.