Timberline Roofing

How I can compare Timberline, roofing material and moose? What are the advantages / disadvantages of each? I live in Kansas City, where we have ice, extreme heat, high winds and large hail. The ceiling is raised the better. I was happy to learn … The "GAF Corporation" manufactures and sells "Timberline" shingles. "Elk Premium Building Products, Inc." manufactures and sells asphalt roofing shingles brand "Elk". GAF is by far the largest company. Elk is a product company to build high end, as the name implies. It is a much smaller company that GAF. Both companies make quality tiles. Elk tend to be more expensive and not as widely distributed as GAF products. Guarantees are almost the same in the same type of herpes zoster. Due to climatic conditions, I would feel comfortable with either manufacturer. I would make the decision based on price, color, style, and availability. Note that the wind and / or hail damage will not be covered by warranty, either pebbles. This type of damage will be covered by accident insurance of the owner. From this point of view, you might give a slight edge to GAF because they are so widely available. Check out the following links: Both sites offer product specifications, color selections, and warranty information. Both sites also offer information local dealer. Good luck with your roofing project.