Shower Plumbing

I'm remodeling the bathroom was my1950 and would like to add a shower. I'm taking my time on remodeling and behold all done myself. I learned a lot and feel confident that I can save $ 300 on labor to do this project myself also. I'm keeping the tub and add a shower head. I have not been able to find much information about yourself on the web for it. Does anyone know where to find a good video for this? Or offer any advice on how to do what I need supplies etc. ? Thanks for the help. I was happy to learn … To do this, first you have to open the wall where is ur Faucett tub. . Most of the time this is done from the back (not the tile side), then you have toshut the main water supply to the home off. . You will then need to confirm that this valve is made out. . After plumbing need any tools and knoledge remove existing Faucett. . After about $ 125 you have to buy a new tub and shower Faucett. . Given that now has 2 holes in the wall of the tub. . . To minimize tile work. You will need to get a tub shower Faucett driven for 3. . . . Then you will have better than basic soldering skills. A hand full of copper fittings. . Flow. . Welding. PPIE and a torch (approximatly $ 45) is not for nothing, but I think they do a kit (new tub spout. Chrome tube length. Bracket and. Chief) so it does not have to open the wall and replace valve. Either way good luck