Shower Plumbing

I installed a new shower moving the existing shower on the wall at the end of the bathtub faucet on the other side of the tub (1. 7m) I redirected pipes in the attic to get off the wall in the newly placed showering. I connected to the shower for two pipes and electirc shower room and ordered according to manufacturers guidence to the letter. My problem is. . . . . Water flows perfectly, no leaks until I put the shower head in, then the PRD (pressure relief device) in kicking and flows of water from the shower. Please help. Do you have something to do with the water pressure? Have I sounded bad. Essentially – I hope this helps. I just moved into a new (to me) house only to find that the water is> pouring out of the bottom of the electric shower -. A Gainsborough 8 5kW> model. The previous owners have vacationed and Gainsborough Showers> are closed for the weekend. There is still enough water to get through> to have a shower so no emergency hygiene. >> Apparently the pressure relief device has worked because if I remove> the shower head water comes only through the pipe. Are these >> devices at once or is there a way to reset it? Other ____ >> The pressure relief device is very sensitive in these models and operate if someone has the audacity to put his hand on the shower head. However, they are also very easy to fix. A (small) point of the cross is necessary (position and Phillips are interchangeable at this size) # 1. To food (of course) and the bath plug in the hole (you'll find out why later) remove the plate, the adjustment control knob and unscrew (normal Pozi No.2) of the outer cover. Then you can remove (with point # 1) output connector. The outlet fitting is a small rubber ball (about 6 mm in diameter) that can replace back into the outlet fitting. If the water is running releif tiles you may have no problem, but if it is to find your way back. .