Sears Heating Cooling

Not that bad things: Kitchen need new cabinets, or simply polishing and varnishing Needs new carpet, 1000 square feet, but has hardwood bathroom will have to be updated, needs nothing smart heating and cooling unit, my uncle is own a business in this need of a paint job, Sears always have cans on sale for $ 10 that were "mess ups". Finally I could find some good things questionable things I have no idea about: A hole in the roof needs repaired lounge. Someone stepped through it in the attic. Is this an easy fix? It seems that you could fix up with a new piece of drywall. * I am paying cash for the house, living in it for a while and rent while meeting the next draft. My uncle was going to sell a unit of heating / cooling 1k, and already has duct work. Another uncle is a surveyor / contractor. Can I get out of this alive and make $ eventually. I was so happy to find this – I think so, but with some changes. Do not buy paint at Sears to scramble ones. Best buy at Lowes or Home Depot in time and no more buying. But if you need more than one color and then Lowes is large compared to color and put the instructons right on top if you need more. Do not buy funky colors and paint all the rooms different colors. . This tends to make it look exactly what it is. . Not enough money to buy paint and patch work mix and match. We also do not recommend you rent it after its done or move on to another project. You need to sell it. Renting never works. Want to be a landlord and own properties or you want to buy and fix resale homes. . Not so much. The roof is an easy solution but I would like to hire someone to do the job. They can also match the texture on the existing roof. Before buying any home, buying a professional inspector. Most times this does not cost much at all. From 50. 00-150. 00, but well worth it. You do not want to buy and then hear that the plumbing is old and needs a total replacement. Worse, if it has been pipes. Good luck.