Roofing Materials

I have a large house and I have VERY large outbuilding. We bought the house as a ruin forty years ago for £3000 now it has excallated in value and it is now worth a vast amount. Nevertheless, we don’t have any real use for the outbuildings. Unfortunately the roofs of the outbuilding are asbestos, they’re covered with moss and they look awful. We want to renew the roof. , however as the roof is about 150 square metres, the cost to replace this is horrendus. I want the new roof on the outbuilding to blend with the roof on my house and I don’t mind if the new outbuilding roof look like farm outbuilding roof, because our house was originally a farm house. I don’t want to go right down market, however I hope that someone can suggest a fairly posh corrigated sheeting. Ideas PLEASE. From what I can tell… I assume the outbuildings have pitched roofs? You could use a material named Colorbond, which is a powder coated corrugated steel cladding, and makes a good, long lasting roofing material. It’s extremely popular in Australia, where they clad buildings in it, build fences etc. Another idea to consider is to use reclaimed tiles or slate, much cheaper than new material. Bear in mind that you’ll need a licensed specialist contractor to remove & dispose of the asbestos, and they will not be cheap. Failing that, why not demolish the outbuildings and sell the bricks/stone etc to a reclaimed materials yard, landscape the area where they stood, and bingo-150sq metres of extra garden.