Roofing Jobs

How I can get some roofing work on the side not I have to have a license or something like that? I've been Ceilings and disappear for about ten years, now four years I've been doing construction makes. What I discovered was – Licenses depend on where you live. Check with the secretariats of Licenses city or county. Suppliers could probably answer that question too. You must have a liability insurance and Workman Compensation even if you are the only employee. Very likely you will be asked for a proof of whether making any commercial, government and industrial work. Residential roofing has low barriers to entry. If you have a last, a hammer can be a roofer. Anyone can doiwn hammering shingles. A good roofer makes the job go easy, clean daily mess and most importantly keeps the inside of the house to dry and therefore do after work. With the economy as it is and the bad weather this winter in many parts of the country, finding jobs roofing is no problem. However jack legs are coming out of nowhere. Prices across the board works. Many too low and some are extremely high. I own a roofing business and I see it every day. I do mainly commercial. I'm not interested in doing much residential. I hate getting calls from homeowners who took a low bid and then want to fix all the problems of man caused. I will not do it. Small jobs can be easily managed by contacting and working with insurance companies. Large hardware stores like Home Depot and Lowes can probably put some. Compose a letter from the office of the suppliers. Usually if you get a job the neighbors will see you and want to work a bit too. Word of mouth is the best source of business. Good luck