Roofing Contractors

There seems to be a lot of shady characters out there. Anyone know any good roofing companies. I live in Cincinnati, Ohio. I was happy to know … WHAT MAKES A GOOD CONTRACTOR? By: Jamie Marksberry Article 10/26/2012 Sponsor: AnyWeather Roofing. Located in Alexandria, KY. As a company that has ranked first in ratings Angie's List, is a score on accreditation, and constantly have 5 star ratings with its many clients show that they are a great example of what contractors can do the right thing . When you sit down to write this particular article I had to ask myself: "What characteristics would be strongly requiring a contractor who was doing work at my house?" There are many who would consider "must have" when it comes to contractors, but I've narrowed the list of the best features that I think make great contractors. RELIABILITY: Verify that the contractor is called has been in business in your area for several years qualified. Over 85% of all roofing contractors are out of business within 5 years, long before the warranty expires and before many roofing problems start to appear and cause problems. 85% of those who are not last until the 10th year. (Bureau of Labor Statistics) INTERVIEW: Take time to meet with a contractor to call in person at home to review the proposal and the detailed specifications. Try to select a knowledgeable, organized, experienced, and locally established contractor who will take a personal interest in your roofing project. Choose one that has an established history of many projects like roofing done in your local area. If you are going to farm out their work to an unknown roofing subcontractor should interview them as well. REFERENCES: Require a minimum of at least 20-50 recent work references and also several fro m each year say they were in the business. Ask for customer testimonials. Roofing AnyWeather asks customers to go to Yahoo. Page review of local companies Com and write several short sentences about what they liked about the experience. It also helps to drive past several papers to check for adequate ventilation, showing the details, and overall appearance. Ask previous customers if they were satisfied and if they would use them again. ADDRESS AND PHONE: Ensure that the contractor actually has a physical location that you can find if you need to locate in the future, not just a mailbox, etc, drop down box. Do they have an actual store office and material storage or just leave the back of his pickup truck. Make sure they have a real local phone # and not just a cell phone. When problems occur, it is much easier to find someone if you know how, in advance. Check out his speech license. LICENSE, INSURANCE AND BONDS: Insist on receiving a copy of the State of Illinois Roofing Contractors License, General Liability Insurance, Workers Compensation Insurance and its Bono Roofing. Do not assume they have it because you say so. They should have enough pride in themselves to include a copy for each client. INCLUSION / CONTRACT: Insist on a proposal for comprehensive and detailed written and examine it for complete descriptions of the work and specifications, including approximate length of the work and payment procedures. Verbal agreements should be added to the written agreement. You must, by law, you will be informed in writing its 3-Day "right to rescind" if you change your mind and get all your money deposit refunded to you. USE YOUR NOGGIN: 85% of all claims involving construction related problems ceilings. You only have one chance to make the "first right choice." If a contractor tells you something very different to another contractor, then either do your own research or have the contractor provide documentation to justify and support their analysis, especially on the intake and exhaust ventilation, Plywood vs OSB Panel particles Ice & Water Shield & The flashing.

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