Roofing Companies

Okay so I was looking for Roofing Companies in Phoenix AZ because recently I noticed a couple of my tiles had actually fallen, but my roof looks good and have not had any leaks. I was looking for a company in my area that hopefully can check the status of it and see if it needs to be replaced. I need an honest company that not only think and look at this as $ $ $. Thank you, Tina. After looking around, I learned – Hi Tina, Well most companies do not turn down an opportunity to make money, but I would suggest a company that is large enough or experienced because if a smaller company is selected or with less experience are just taking advantage of the situation. I personally suggest checking yourself or call a relative who knows a bit about roofing or home reno and ask. But if you want a reliable company that always consult with Overson Roofing, have been around for a while and are quite large. Shelly

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