Roof Repairs

I'm looking for accurate unbiased advice relevant to the UK on replacing a roof felt. Even if I am replacing an existing roof, do I have to install insulation to meet the latest building regulations? EPDM Felt roofers tell me is useless, people tell me that I was out of the ark is EPDM – Can anyone help? I have 1,200 square feet to replace. What I discovered was – I have to say that I agree with the people of EPDM. Many say roofers EPDM is a waste of time because they do not know how to apply it properly, so try to push a client in the use of felt. The major problem is felt even if placed properly and remains still have to get back mostly all 10-15 years depending on the local climate. Also, with such a large area to do, it is inevitable that the little beach walk on the roof at any time, ie, for access to another part of the building, cleaning, etc. Felt is very susceptible to damage caused by waste that is pressed through the outer layer for a shoe as one walks through the surface. I worked as an insurance claims inspector of buildings for years, and have seen the endless felt flat roofs cause problems. EPDM (ethylene propylene diene monomer) requires a decent amount of training before they can work with him, so many roofers do not like using it. In my experience, there are more opportunistic and cowboys on roofs than any other trade, so they will pay to choose your roofer carefully. The advantages are on felt: You can walk on Dura about 3 times longer it will expand and contract with heat, while the shared sense after a while, also felt it is more susceptible to UV rays. Receive estimates a good roofer, I would start by contacting your local trading standards office to see if they have any recommended merchants. The cost of renewing the roof varies depending on whether the tire is also damaged. Assuming the deck to be good, refelt ceiling with two coats of asphalt hot mineral bonded felt, with new drops on each edge, assuming a cost of no more than 40 per m2. If the cover requires renovation, adding another 15-17m2 pounds. The felt should be placed transversely to ensure a seal. The cost of the renewal of the EPDM roof will be about the same, maybe even 50 pounds. Again, add 15-17m2 to renovate any platform. These are the upper limit price for a first class job done by an experienced roofer quality and are shed for all materials and disposal of age, do not pay a penny more. The roofer may add the cost of hiring scaffolding, as the work on the height regulations have tightened, and if possible, check the cost of the scaffolding to yourself to make sure you are not getting a good source of that too little income. Do not forget to add VAT to the total price. With 1200m2 of replacing, you're looking at a minimum of 50k, so go for it lasts longer. If you go with felt, remember that in 10 to 15 years you will have to do it again, and it will cost at least 30% more. If possible, get an estimate to replace the cover with a design of two water as this will last 10 times longer. Good luck, whatever you decide to do.

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