I recently bought a house and hired a plumbing contractor to come and connect the pipes under my kitchen sink. He said he would have to re-route the pipes to kitchen plumbing "stack" different in the basement. The problem is that in doing so, he completely ripped from the wall behind the kitchen cabinets in order to install new pipes. Now I have good new pipes and a huge hole in the wall of my kitchen. Should I ask that they fix it or I have to hire someone else to fix my wall? What kind of company would call to fix this? I only have two weeks before my new occupation inspection. . Please help. I was happy to learn … Contact the plumber and ask what their intentions are. If he was going to do this, I should have said from the beginning how it would have to open the wall, and it would fix it. Probably tell you not repair the walls, and a handyman is needed to repair the hole. Good luck.

Shannon from showing how to cut copper pipes and copper tubes welded together with an elbow joint.