Plumbing Supplies

I just got a new job at Menards, and put me in the plumbing department. . I am a girl and do not know anything about plumbing supplies and what are all the names for everything. If someone could direct me to a website or something to understand things better plumbing would be greatly appreciated. After talking with others on the web, I found the answer. Do not ever say "I am a girl," as if it were some kind of excuse. My wife is also a girl and driving a forklift for a living. She taught me plumbing, electric I taught. Her interests to date have not been in any kind of trade, but now they are. That's it. Go to the front of the store and look at the book section. There are dozens of different how-to books, including things about plumbing. They give you a lot of practical knowledge and the correct terminology. Spend about 30 seconds on the website Menards' vi having a total of 11 videos in bath and plumbing, and probably a few things that will be relevant in the videos about the tools. That could be a bit faster than reading, but keep things better reading. Spend some money and subscribe to Family Handyman magazine. They tend to run more toward the garden shed project gee-whiz variety, but there are plenty of good advice plumbing in there too. The more you know, the more useful it can be for someone who, like you, had no experience or interest in trade so far. And you, coming from his background of recent learning, be better able to relate to them, and offer useful advice. Good luck.