Plumbing Repair

The tub faucet works, but no water comes out of the shower. There was a long term leak which caused a lot of mold, so i’ve pulled out most of the drywall and cabinetry that was affected (moldy). Now the plumbing for the tub/shower is exposed and I would often repair the bathroom plumbing completely before reinstalling walls. . . . . . . Is there maybe a newbie site for this sort of thing that someone can recommend. . . . Or perhaps even give me any idea of where to start and what to look for with this repair? Tyia . From what I can tell… If the water is coming out of the faucet itself ok, then the problem is the diverter. On any showers, this is a separate knob, handle, lever, etc. . And on any older ones, its just a pull up stem on the spigot itself, hehe. Do you know where the leak was at originally? Was it fixed, and if so, how? This may be a separate issue from the lack of supply to the shower head itself. Here are a couple of sites you can check • And of course, there’s always This Old House, hehe – Many community/state colleges also offer basic courses in plumbing and other trades, any as short as a few days. . good for any homeowner to check into, if they like DIY If you take the diverter valve out, you can mostly find a replacement at most hardware, building supply stores, etc. Its handy to take it with you to the store to get the exact type needed. It’s probably $10 or less for a new one, depending on brand. You may need a valve wrench like one of these • You might also try posting any photo’s of the plumbing, the valve, etc. . To get more detailed answers. Have Fun

This Video shows you the replacement of an old cast iron pipe to PVC done by Olin Plumbing Inc.