Plumbing Problems

I am looking into getting into plumbing in canada and I would like to know some of the details on it. I am already accepted to a plumbing course and I would like to know if its steady work or long periods during the year without work. Because I want to work steady. Is it extreamly hard work or not? Any details would be perfect. I was happy to learn… Plumbing is pretty steady work, because you do more than just unclog people’s drains and stuff. The plumber can be useful for anything that involves the piping and fluid service to a home or building, and that includes installation of piping for newly built homes or buildings. You may also be able to contract yourself to universities and other large corporations for good money to do the piping and service to their buildings. Do a good job and they’ll ask for you again. Plumbing and electricians are good fields to get into because they’re skilled trades that everybody needs.

Shannon from shows you how to cut copper plumbing pipes and solder copper pipes together with an elbow joint.