Plumbing Installation

Hell• i’m currently doing plumbing and electrical installation level 1 at college. I have been offered a place in electrical installation level2. This means I only have 2 years of college if I go into level two but my maths is not very good. . So im not sure if I should go and do it although im not really bothered which one I do?. someone help me please with any good advice. Many thanks . After looking around, I learned — === no P . . Go to the E-install for the money === if you are good at the E-biz then you will have more work than you can ever hope to handle and the money is very good . . And when you run into a social security granny you can lower the bill and feel good that your life is in the right place . . Electrical work will always be there and you can do it yourself and have helpers that you can teach and send off to college. .