Plumbing Companies

I am in need of a good plumbing company in Evanston or Chicago area, does anyone know of a company that you recommend? I have a bomb in my basement that works, but more often than not, it stops working when there is a heavy rain, and the crazy winter we're having so far, I'm not looking forward to my pump fails and paying a lot of money to fix my fully finished basement. I have dealt with companies around here in the past that have not been so good to solve my problem. Any help would be greatly appreciated, I'm out of ideas. Well, I have the answer here. Jack Blanton Jr. Plumbing is the name of our company. We have a place in Evanston, IL. We will be more than happy to help resolve any problem you are currently having with your pump. We are new to yahoo, but our phone number is 847-328-8100 we. You can also visit us at Jackblantonjrplumbing. Com. Hope this helped, and hope that gives you the service you need, thanks.