Plumbing Bathroom

My next door neighbor had plumbing work done and we share any of the same pipes. Now our water flow has lessened. What would have to be done to the bathroom plumbing to make the water flow stronger in the bathtub? Hi lmtalk: When the plumber working next door turned off the water to the building,(to do the plumbing work) then turned it back on, my water did not come back on. But everyone else had water. We had to alert them to the problem. What do you think that is. What I found out was – Huh?. This makes no sense. There is specific code as to what size pipe the plumber has to use for what. Its not like they can just start changing pipes out at will, unless they didn’t have it permited. . How can you share any of the same pipes? The only pipes you can possibly share are the main, because each house has its own water meter. You need to elaborate more on this – or call a plumber and have him look at it. UPDATE: Well, it is possible that when the plumber changed any pipes out, he could have mixed them up. What I’m thinking might have happend is he cut the water, cut out the pipes he was replacing and when he put the new ones in, he could have connected them wrong where your water source got cut off. In other words, he could have taken you off the main water pipe going into your place. You live in a townhome or condo, right? Then once he realized (after you told him) he could have tried to fix it, but the pressure was completely uneven due to the fact that he routed the pipes wrong in the first place. I bet if you ask your neighbor who was getting the work done, his pressure went up pretty drastically after the work was completed. See if he says yes. If so, then ask if it was permited or not. If not, the plumber will need to come out and fix whatever he messed up. The main pipes (unless its an old building) should be PVC, so cutting them out and putting new ones in is fairly easy. See if his neighbor’s water pressure is way up since the work was done.

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