Plumbing Bathroom

Have a 4 bedroom house and want to convert the smallest bedrooms to a master suite with bathroom. The bedroom is right next door to the only upstairs bathroom. Could anyone tell the cost for a plumber to layout the plumbing for about 6 x10 space. Also could I have a rough estimate on what an electrain would cost to wire the space. After looking around, I learned — Our plumber charges $1200-$1500 to rough plumb our basement bathrooms. This includes the setting of a 5′ americast bathtub, toilet drain-water line, and sink drain and hot/cold lines. A good plumber would be happy to help with the layout at no additional cost. Also, our electrician charges $350 for the bathroom wiring. This includes a 20amp GFCI outlet with a breaker to the panel, roughing in the wiring for the bathlight and fan. And it also includes the vent for the bathroom. Hope this helps. Todd Cella Finished For 14 Basement Specialists Layton, Utah 801-510-0303 finishedfor14. Com