Kitchen Plumbing

So I've had this problem in the continuous pipe in my house. Rent and had been waiting for some time for the owner to have my kitchen sink repaired. The tubes remain leak below. After years finally went to get it fixed, first by her husband, who used a repair kit walmart washer cheaptastic. That worked for a while, then time was leaking like crazy and had a "plumber" come. Turns out he was a construction worker, who brought a friend. Considered one of the small tubes. The pipe is replaced. The construction worker grimaced and said "I hope it does." It was good for about a week after it was leaking badly again. He took some things from his pipe and said he had hindered the ebb and flow could actually leak, however, said he pressed all and hopefully there should be no problems. Two days later it was leaking again, not bad, but still leaking. He came back with an employee. They found a couple of things in the drain and blamed that. Filtered again a day or two later, but it was an abnormal thing and has not leaked since. That was about 3 weeks ago. So that tells its findings to the landlord, the landlord says its our fualt and we pay and sicked this "plumber" in us. No point first that if my tubes were not blocked how was there a barrier to cause a leak? Is this really my fault possibly? I told him I would pay, I would have to change my home short because I have no extra money, but I'm not going to pay if you pull the string. What it feels like it is. My question is there: Is this really probably my fault. Essentially – A lot of kitchen sinks with drains that can leach easily due to its construction. If debris in the drain would cause the sink to go back more than a leak. It is more likely that the "plumber" finally got the intake straight the last time he was there. Unfortunately, due to the construction of these drains if you do not get the whole assembly put back quite right that can leach easily around the joints. Here, problem is with the landlord. If you have the money you need to decide how it will handle legal and financial problems.

Kitchen plumbing.