Home Plumbing

What is better 1/2 inch or 3/4 for home plumbing? Or does it not matter or are there pros and cons? Or do you use different sizes for different things? It seems that most use 1/2 inch plumbing, but someone told me 3/4 runs better? I have 1/2 inch now. If I were to switch to 3/4 inch would it fit to the shower, sink, and toilet fixtures? Or are there certain fittings that are made for 3/4? If so how much? By fixtures I mean the connection between the pipe and the feature. After looking around, I learned — 3/4 or one inch should be used for the main line from the tank depending on the application,with 1/2 inch feed lines. The sizing of the pipes depends on the water demand,or volume. This is achieved by pipe size and pressure. Your average home with one bath will do fine with 3/4 main line and 1/2 inch feeder lines. Using 1/2 inch main lines causes hot and cold surges when other taps are used. Every application is different and must meet state and local codes. T