Heating Cooling Systems Prices

1998 Integra GSR My dad does NOT have the original GSR motor. It has a Civic DX engine (d15b8) and he got me the way school and told me that the car was warming up and almost hit the red line. We arrived by car and sometimes we reach very high temperatures and then cooled completely happy and then just making the whole trip home. We wondered what could be and whether you would be able to tell us. Please and Thank you .. (:. Well, I have the answer warming and cooling on a highway This could be bad, a blockage in the cooling system of accumulation If coolant is dark brown, flush it down Check oil, water.?. . Dipstick is very bad. Maybe just defective sensor or sender. Fans can run and then stops, the need to see during heating. ——— or hot car stop moving cool? Weakness That is a bad water pump or cooling fans, this also happens with small head gasket leak because the exhaust air enters your cooling system, you will not see the sludge in the coolant or water in the oil. Seek bubbles in the coolant with the car running. There are other possible reasons, but these are usually considered in slings.