Heating Air Conditioning

Just an estimate on replacing the air conditioning compressor in my Nissan Xterra Grease Monkey are known primarily for their repairs heating and air conditioning repairs cars. I have an estimate on putting in a new air conditioning compressor and am willing to this work by the amount of the estimate I got from Grease Monkey. I am, however, concerned that. I was advised by Grease Monkey that possibly the receptor, hair, and value expansion may have to be replaced and if so they will not know until they have begun work on compressor replacement, there may be an additional $ 700 I'll have to pay. I was told the part was only about $ 25, but that the work will be about $ 700 to replace the three elements that can be bad. Does it seem possible? I can afford a new compressor, but I can not afford an additional $ 700 for the value of the receiver dryer and expansion for installation. Do these three articles that usually have to be replaced when you installed a new air conditioning compressor? Hopefully someone out there can make my decision easier to make in terms of getting this job done since I can not afford an extra $ 700 and I just do not have anyone to ask. . Thanks in advance for reading my question and help me. Basically … The receiver / dryer is often replaced with the compressor because that's where the waste ends. It is mostly under the hood and should not take much extra work to replace. The expansion valve if necessary may involve removal of the board.