Ductless Heating

I want to install ductless multi-zone in my house. I like the LG and Mitsubishi models. However, I read somewhere that these units should not be used as a primary heating source. I live in NE in Baltimore Area. I know heat pump produce little heat once temperature drops below 20 degree F. Do ductless have protection from getting damaged similar to regular heat pump system during cold weather? I have not been able to find any information from the manufacturer websites regarding this issue. I think I found an answer. I do not believe damage is the issue. A standard heat pump air handler also has a 220 volt electric strip heat built in for heat when the outside air is below freezing. The ductless don’t have that because it would mean running 220 to each room. This means when the weather is the coldest, you would have no heat. You would need an alternate primary heat source.

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