DIY Plumbing

I am a fabulous good plumber and an electrician DIY DIY well. However, in every home where I had to do the job he has always had a basement or crawl space. I'm getting ready to buy a house without either and my question is: How do you access the plumbing and electrical if you can not get to it from the basement. I know it's on the walls and I'll probably have to cut sheetrock to get to it. But I think what I'm really asking is how you can detect when the problem exactly? Whether it's a pipe leaking or running an extra outlet. I guess I'll have to access the wires from the attic, but are still not sure about plumbing. Thank you. Well, I have the answer. There are meters to help you determine which wire from your panel box is "dead", ask the store of home improvement that will work with your needs. In addition, there may be significant leaks (if the house is in a solid concrete floor) that requires a professional. However, a standard stud-finder will help locate the pipes in the walls, or if you have old galvanized pipes, try a magnet. Also, before buying the house, a professional inspection done leaks or electrical problems that propose a fire hazard, will have a heads up on them and you may be able to negotiate a price lower purchase to offset the cost of repairs.

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