DIY Plumbing

I paid for plumbing service twice in my life and felt ripped off twice. Over here (Virginia) plumbers charge an hourly rate for labor is around $ 80-90 and start the stopwatch the moment you pull up. So I get angry when I see that I take a smoke break 10 minutes I'm paying them $ 15 to make ($ 90/hr x 10 min). Most plumbing jobs seem pretty straightforward unless a special piece of equipment required. Short of starting an apprenticeship, what is the best resource for learning how to deal with plumbing projects on my own. I'm a competent mechanic, but I want to be sure if I'm doing my own repairs that will last a long time. This is not at all the work, particularly at the time. But below the line include intermediate tasks such as replacement of a hot or pipes. Thank you. You know what I found? There are plenty of books DYI plumbing. Just go to a bookstore or library. Readers Digest has one. Plumbing For Dummies. That would be a real good start. Then pick up the materials you will need to solder and practice. Same goes for PVC pipe. It also outlines some of the common tools used by a plumber. Books to. Good luck