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Honey, I'm an owner of the store located in Harrisburg, PA. We have a flat roof on our store and I guess I can replace your old metal ceilings?? We all HVAC equipment on the roof, what is the best way to put a new roof, my store is 2,100 square feet that need estimates of roofing contractors. From what I can tell … A metal roof is not a good idea. Ponding water will run through the seams are welded because even if the expansion and contraction of the seam will open. Ponding water will also make the steel roof rust prematurely. A better option is a rubber membrane roof. Guarantees, as long as 40 years are available. A reputable contractor roofing will make quick work of the task ceiling and be close to the problems that may develop. . In other words, they will be around to take care of warranty issues. Good luck with your roofing project.

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1. PROBLEM SOLVING: Modeling supplies plumbing Home Depot has a sale offering 10% off all plumbing fixtures. If Amanda Miller spent $ 46. 98 plumbing supplies before tax, which was the price of items purchased plumbing before discount? – Write the phrase as a mathematical expression: 2. The sum of 8 and t, divided by 2 is that like 8 + t divided by February 3. The quotient of 8 and y, x is decreased 3 times like this 8 / y-3x. Basically … The first one is as follows: X * 0. 9 = 46. 98 to find x x = $ 52. 20 OR. X-(x * 0. 1) = 46. 98 solve for x x = $ 52. The first 20 Your answers make it easy for the 2 and 3 appears to be correct.

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I just got a new job at Menards, and put me in the plumbing department. . I am a girl and do not know anything about plumbing supplies and what are all the names for everything. If someone could direct me to a website or something to understand things better plumbing would be greatly appreciated. After talking with others on the web, I found the answer. Do not ever say "I am a girl," as if it were some kind of excuse. My wife is also a girl and driving a forklift for a living. She taught me plumbing, electric I taught. Her interests to date have not been in any kind of trade, but now they are. That's it. Go to the front of the store and look at the book section. There are dozens of different how-to books, including things about plumbing. They give you a lot of practical knowledge and the correct terminology. Spend about 30 seconds on the website Menards' vi having a total of 11 videos in bath and plumbing, and probably a few things that will be relevant in the videos about the tools. That could be a bit faster than reading, but keep things better reading. Spend some money and subscribe to Family Handyman magazine. They tend to run more toward the garden shed project gee-whiz variety, but there are plenty of good advice plumbing in there too. The more you know, the more useful it can be for someone who, like you, had no experience or interest in trade so far. And you, coming from his background of recent learning, be better able to relate to them, and offer useful advice. Good luck.

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True or False: 1) The first step is the installation of plumbing fixtures join the walls. 2). Copper pipes must not come into contact with the concrete. 3) Cleaning records should be included in the water supply system 4) brass pipe is used for transport of highly corrosive products 5) drawing which shows the path through piping construction is required for every structure . Basically … True or False: 1) The first stage is to attach plumbing fixtures walls: False. This should be the last 2). Copper pipes must not come into contact with the concrete: True 3) cleaning records should be included in the water supply system: False. Cleaning records should be included in the drainage system, not the delivery system 4) Brass pipe is used to transport highly corrosive products really do not know. 5) Drawings showing the path of the pipes through the building are required for all structures: True

For those of you who are interested, here is a brief look at the installation of domestic plumbing just finished in Watford, north of London. Take Care, A. . .

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Ordered metal roofing light-colored/reflective for tax credits, and our carpenter cut the top of the A in the frame to allow more ventilation, saying: "It will be cooler in the summer.", I said summer is not increasing power consumption, do not even use an air conditioner. What is the best way to save energy. After talking with others on the web, I found the answer. You can ask any advice from local suppliers – get different advice from different people – if you can. For the best advice, the location (city or town) of the house should be known. As your city is a cold region, a reflective sheet may not be required, as they are for the warmer climate. You must insulate the roof, but the ventilation is good for the summer so there must be at least one opening in the attic. You can use simple opening or fan or whatever suitable. You should be able to close it in winter, heat loss. Usually, there are vents in the attic and you can have the ceiling fan to suck the heat from the attic rooms so the insulation is not everything, but it is necessary. Always think 'passive design' – i. E. Natural ventilation and natural heat gain or loss. More openings in summer and winter least openings – which should be adjustable. Double glazed windows are better than single windows in winter. Too much insulation can be a problem, especially for the summer but ventilation can solve the problem. His carpenter may be an expert, but I dare not say – you have to check.

Metal Roofing Material @ Installing metal roofing is not for the inexperienced who do it yourself. . .

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Both sinks plumbing goes through the floor and all the things I see online are the facilities that go through the floor. The AAV has to step over the trap and about the pipe that protrudes through the plant is 1 1/4 pipe coming out of the bottom of the s trap. Can I cut the tube down and run the 1 1/2 pvc top so you can connect a trap star and go from that to add the aav? Please help ASAP. I have only one vent stack for all my plumbing and everything slow drains. Thank you. Essentially – there are plenty of ways to install a vent Studor, but s-traps are no longer legal in many states, not to say they do not work, but you have plenty of other options

Faucet repair and installation repair and installation Faucet seem easy projects if you look at the do-it-yourself shows, but have you ever noticed. . .

Plumbing Sinks

Both sinks plumbing goes through the floor and all the things I see online are the facilities that go through the floor. The AAV has to step over the trap and about the pipe that protrudes through the plant is 1 1/4 pipe coming out of the bottom of the s trap. Can I cut the tube down and run the 1 1/2 pvc top so you can connect a trap star and go from that to add the aav? Please help ASAP. I have only one vent stack for all my plumbing and everything slow drains. Thank you. Well, I have the answer. There are plenty of ways to install a vent Studor, but s-traps are no longer legal in many states, not to say they do not work, but there are plenty of other options

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My neighbor installed metal roofs in his garage next to my house, 10 feet from the side of my house (legal reverse) in my area, no problem. . . But the left ceiling all day long swings in temperature change and is quite annoying. What should I do? I do not want to be a pest, but really racks my brain. Sounds like someone throwing rocks at your roof or acorns when coming from a tree on a metal roof. Bang. . . Bang. . . Bang. . . Nerve racking. I was so happy to find this – Most environmental agencies (check with your local council website for low noise pollution), do not work to a minimum of noise, if noise is annoying, then it comes under its jurisdiction and if, after hearing the noise, they consider annoying thing for you will be. Usually they ask you to try to resolve the matter himself, talking to your neighbor, but if that is not possible, you will be asked to keep a record of when the noise can be heard, weather conditions, and other conditions. G. Noise can be heard on television or in the bedroom etc. There used to be a code of practice recommends that noise levels during the day and night, I think the night noise used to be around 35-40 dB (A ), and during the day around 55 dB (A), but due to rural noise levels are different levels of noise from the city, who now work in "if noise is annoying, and can easily be reduced. Hope this helps, all the best.

Metal roofing lasts longer than any alternative roofing less maintenance. High drama and imaginative design on the outside of any building. That's b. . .

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I have an interview for a company and they do flat roofs for commercial and industrial work, im wondering how bad it is, because I heard it's rough residential roofing fabulous. . . And information, advice or anything. From what I can tell … Their hard work, and very hot in the summer, depending on where you live you can get fired in the winter, or tar get all your clothes and shoes in turn will get all of your car, or ruin a lot clothes, buy them goodwill and throw them away after using them for a week, pay should be good

Residential Roofing Toronto, Ontario Call Now – (905) 581-1178 Roof Replacement is now. . .


I recently bought a house and hired a plumbing contractor to come and connect the pipes under my kitchen sink. He said he would have to re-route the pipes to kitchen plumbing "stack" different in the basement. The problem is that in doing so, he completely ripped from the wall behind the kitchen cabinets in order to install new pipes. Now I have good new pipes and a huge hole in the wall of my kitchen. Should I ask that they fix it or I have to hire someone else to fix my wall? What kind of company would call to fix this? I only have two weeks before my new occupation inspection. . Please help. I was happy to learn … Contact the plumber and ask what their intentions are. If he was going to do this, I should have said from the beginning how it would have to open the wall, and it would fix it. Probably tell you not repair the walls, and a handyman is needed to repair the hole. Good luck.

Shannon from showing how to cut copper pipes and copper tubes welded together with an elbow joint.

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Plumbing question. I think I found an answer. Depends on the size of the main pipe, but a typical installation of a major copper to 1 "would aboout 2-3 hours if there is an easy and available access Depending on where you live work will vary but a rough estimate woul be 70. – 90 per hour, plus the cost of parts. Here is a link to a website plumbing supply parts that shows the cost of different size regulators and costs each. Most common He is a 1 ", which will a cost of about $ 70. 00, but must wait for the plumber to check prices in the parts. Hope this helps.

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I have had two appointments contractor for the removal and replacement of my mobile home roof. One says Az. Law requires removal of the old roof with only one layer and another appointment Az. Law allows two layers of roofing. This makes a difference in the over all costs. Please advise. Thank you. Well, I have not the answer here. According to the specification of the manufacturer of the shingles, we can only put a layer on again. This is Owens Corning and elk and other major brands that we use here in North Carolina. Call ur local building inspector and I know he will tell you "what ever the manufacture suggest or say to install" will be your answer. Ask both roofing contractors in the book to show what is right. Lic. Gen. Contractor

1761 Navajo Rd Southport 28461 metal roofing over mobile Home. Rubber roofing on low slope roof Mobile Home Po. . .

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I live in a house 1 1/2 story built in 1922. I Totally updated home (wiring, plumbing, etc.). Has been no settling mainly on the second floor, not enough to prevent the doors from closing. I bought the house in 1999. I have not noticed any new settlement since. I wonder how long a life expectancy has a house built in 1922. I like my house, but is 84 years old. I will be entering retirement when this house is 100 years old. I keep this house accordingly but I wonder if it is good to have a retirement home for 100 years. I would appreciate any comments on my Delima. Thank you. I was happy to learn … You should not have too much to worry about. The old houses were built to last, with first generation wood. My house is a 1949 and love it. They were built better back then compared to what you get spanked together today. As an insider to the construction, operations have been drastically reduced in terms of quality.

Diagram – Home Plumbing System 2013-05-10T19: 42:01. 2013-11 000Z-15T21: 52:44. 000Z DIY Tips: A Plumbing Inspection The best way to prevent costly plumbing emergencies is to practice regular preventive maintena plumbing. . .

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I am thinking of installing a small boiler radiator in my bathroom and run the plumbing hot water heater water pulled the radiator and then to the manifold shower. I just want to try to add additional heat in the bathroom when I shower in the mornings with minimal cost. I do not like going into a cold bath after a shower, and I do not want to install an additional heater or turn the oven up higher. Do you think this would work to help generate any heat. And so today I learned that … Probably help, but if it works really well, take all the time for your shower water to warm up and then finished cooling down enough to not be so hot, but turning up your water heater temperature would solve that. Sounds like a cool impromptu DIY project. If you want to be green-mind, maybe you should focus on somehow heat recovery water going down the drain. This probably would not heat the room, but it would be without heat. Heating the room before the shower is the heat that is paid as turning up your water heater temperature. Good luck, I hope you can somehow get the word if it works.

Freshwater and saltwater plumbing. The water system is designed and installed.

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I have to re-roof my house. I'm looking for a good local roofing contractor. I've done some research already. How I can find out if this company is the best. I think I found an answer. I found that asking my neighbors and friends who had done roofing to be the most reliable way. Make sure they are insured. Small, one or two man companies often have the lowest prices, but also risky. Some of that could be excellent, but many do not know what they are doing because they do a lot of things, not just for roofs, and they do not have much equipment. My next door neighbor liked his company, but it is recommended not to pay the entire amount upfront. Often you can agree with it, but said he did not know for sure what you're doing until you've had a good rain. Even good companies occasionally need to fix their work. At one point they needed to fix and because he paid everything in advance, the company was in no hurry to come and fix that part. I've also found that I can get good advice on what people use for anything – roofing, plumbing, electrical, etc – that people at my local hardware store know that it is very good and who is not, they hear all from its customers. But then, I'm in a small town and is an independent hardware store. The people of the church also knew who was good and who was not because they had four buildings and had used a lot of local contractors until they found those who were very good and I would go back to them again and again, so you could try asking your church secretary for a recommendation, too.

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In my bathroom sink drain assembly, in order to pass the 1 1/4 "tailpiece to a 1 1/2" iron nipple, what kind of adapter do I need? I need to know so I can order the part of the local network plumbing. Thanks for your help. I was happy to learn … Ronnie, you can buy a joint nut 11/2 x 11/4 slip and washing machine. These are available in many major home improvement warehouses. These s, all accessories will make the transition that possibly need. The washer may be of rubber or plastic. However, a few dollars in material. Best of luck

Dallas Plumbing not let leaky faucet go ignored visit best supplier of plumbing Dallas, Plumbing Supp. . .

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We are looking to buy a house that has two sinks in the bathroom. One is a great sink and prefer to put a shower in the corner. What is an estimate of what it would cost from sink plumbing is already established. I was so happy to find this – to get an idea of the costs, you will have to make a trip to your local store of home improvement and the price of the box and accessories that suit your taste and budget . You will find a big price difference based on how elaborate you are willing to go. Then the computer has to be installed. Do you have the experience and tools to do this? Maybe a professional should be brought in. He Plumbing is easy to understand but hard to do.

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There is a commercial plumbing business bordering our lawn. Trucks and utility trailers on the edge of my beautiful garden (property), creating an eye sore and ruining my lawn park. I imagine it also devalues my property. Is there any legal action I can take that would be forced to bear the expense for a fence? If I have to talk to a lawyer, what kind of lawyer I find. After looking around, I learned – You don 't need a lawyer to find the answer to this. Locate the phone number of zoning or planning board in your city. If your call is not the first law office, you should be able to direct you to the right. If a fence is not required by law, you would have to put one up yourself. A clue would be if close next business houses have bars.

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I am looking at the DIY methods of reducing heat loss in the winter. Well, I have the answer. I'm afraid no one answer is not entirely correct and if applied could lead to a significant error if multiple sheets are involved. Assuming you are stacking multiple sheets close together, the U value is composed of the sum of the individual values of I plus two additional constants, the internal and external surface resistances known as Rsi and Rso an average figure of the two is 0. 168, as told by Rivergirl, first calculate the R value of a single sheet, taking 1 / (U value) deduce the result 0. 168. Multiply the result by the number of sheets of proposals, then add back 0. 168. Then get the total value of U dividing this figure by 1, ie 1 / (R-value combo, you just made). You can check the error that would have occurred to try the first method would give a value of more than generous U. If you are stacking multiple sheets, you can make a considerable improvement in the U-value by providing a sealed air space between each sheet. If you want to know how this works please contact me. I assume that the polycarbonate sheets which you refer are the specific roofing sheets used with the built in air space. But if they are solid single sheets you will be disappointed with the results.

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My brother is a roofing contractor. He has over 20 years experience in this field. I used to have his own roofing business was a success so far (due to the economic crisis). Now he's jobless. He has been trying to find a job with a large roofing companies. However, he has experience in residential and non-commercial roofs. I was wondering if there is possibly a crash course that could take at home to be able to do more. Roofing related or something else it could be. Please advise. He has a lot of pride and all that really makes it go down. Thank you. Essentially – How about a wholesaler Roofs / building materials? Since sales outside? His experience would be really beneficial for their clients. Or a technical support manager for a manufacturer or roofing manufacturers try metal and asphalt shingles, if the business was that everything works properly, have any contacts to reach. My best advice would be to network within the industry, and be patient. Something must come, but not without his local "industry" knowing who is out there and looking for an opportunity.