Roofing Installation

For the code in michigan. You know what I found? First edge of your roof then use the time clock in the bottom row unless your eaves hanging over your house more then 2 or 3 feet, use two rows of the same. Then the role of the rest of the house. If you have any valleys use weather watch or also known as ice and water. Then you need to start a row in the bottom of the cover. Then six inches Stagger your shingles, which will look like a stair step. Also make sure you have adequate ventilation, so most of the roofs already so be sure to replace with new vents. Nobody likes the old and used. If you have 3 tabs, trash, but if you put in them will also be a box on the rapper, but I would not recommend those stupid tiles. The architecture is not much more.

Demonstrate how the torch applied modified bitumen membranes felt insulation installed with high performance to create a warm roof construction.

Affordable Heating Cooling

I'm doing a school project where I have to design a car kennel / energy efficient enough. (I dont really have to). You must have a heating / air conditioning for the dog. Does anyone know how much a small heating and cooling system cost? You must have a list of materials and prices. Thank you very much … 10 points best answer. I was so happy to find this – The heating and cooling systems are calculated in tons of heating / cooling. That means 12,000 Btu equivalent to one tonne. This results in the amount of heating / cooling of the square footage of the structure. Here in Texas, usually 750 square feet requires 1 ton. Up in Iowa, one would use 1 ton of 1,000 square feet start calculating your heating needs based on total square feet and the geographical location of its mythic structure and the amount of insulation you will use cooling. The calculation of the heat load for use is called the Manual J.

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We had a fake ugly ceiling in our kitchen we took down to make the highest ceiling. However, when we did we realized that some of you are actually exposed plumbing and departure from one of the ceiling above the cabinets. All we need to do is have the pipe is above the height ceililng right now is about 6 inches below. How much does it cost (approx) to move these tubes to about 6 inchres So they are no longer visible? And the do it yourself job. From what I can say … Move up the plumbing in the original roof space could involve cutting the rafters – which usually is not a good idea, if what we are discussing here is actually a drain line . The necessary cuts in beams of a leak could be large enough to weaken the beams – not a good idea. I would call a plumber to advise you if you should even consider moving up the pipe in the original roof space. Remember to check references and use a contract before actually having any work performed by any contractor. Another possibility would be to move the pipe back into the soffit space in closets, or building a new deck on the pipe where it is at. This could extend around the perhymeter room to give the final effect of a roof 'lifted', complemented with different paint colors, or texture, or even a little light. Not having actually seen the room in question, actually I can not suggest an 'ideal' approach just throw some general options. Finally, and this usually means more cost and work, you could totally relocate plumbing, and if necessary, what is causing it. If this is just a vent line, a drain in the room itself, you can choose to simply run it directly an outside wall, if that's an option, or inside of the outer wall, through the ceiling. I would not advise running the water lines placed on an outside wall, because of the possibility of freezing during cold weather. I always suggest to keep the water lines on the interior walls. If you need more specific information or suggestions, we need more information from you. You can post a link to some pictures or email them, along with details on what line goes to and from, etc. Have Fun

This is the second part of a video on how to install pex pipe in your home. Included is the real beginning of the pipeline, along with some advice for me. . .

Local Plumbing

I am a second year apprentice (from second year). I would like to find the best paying company that specializes in residential, commercial and industrial plumbing. If they do government contracts would be a plus. After talking with others on the web, I found the answer. Depending on where in maryland mdavis and children is a good all contractor doing plumbing, mainly industrial and some commercial. They are based in Delaware but work all the way in Baltimore. 302 998 3385

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Heating Contractors

I am a licensed electrician and have installed rigid pipe explosion-proof devices in the past, but now I have to install a gas line for a new stove that I bought. Is natural gas and I know that the closure is in the metro, but how I can purge the gas remaining in the line and is there anything else I should know besides using black tube and thread compound? I'm tapping out a fixture in existing T that feeds my oven about 10 meters away. I like the idea of using flex pipe instead of black. Well, I have the answer here. I'm not a contractor, but I installed various gas appliances. If I'm going to replace a stove, I'll light a burner and close the gas while someone (usually my wife) looks. The amount of gas remaining in the line will be very little if the shutdown is in good working order. The second thing is the black iron cake is only used when going through a wall. We just replace our hot water heater and PVC insulated flex pipe was used. We bought a shop in a plumbing supply. You may have the wrong name, but it came on a roll and attached links us with a compression fitting. Still I used putty on the threads even though I was told that was not necessary.

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Gaf Roofing

My house needs a new roof and I am able to get a good price on some shingles GAF basis of a local property manager. I researched and found that GAF had complaints with its base tile (cheap) in the past. Has anyone had recent experience (5 years) with them? Are the packages marked with a date code? If so, how do you read the code? That way you can prevent shingles was problem-prone. I know I should not be priced only for shingles, but are tight financially. Thank you. From what I can tell … The lid [packaging] should have a date of manufacture

Do It Yourself Plumbing

. After looking around, I learned – Plumbing learn. Anyone with a little patience you can learn to perform plumbing projects. Changing faucets, toilets, etc., are relatively simple, it's just knowing what to do, and what kind of tools and materials are needed, in order to complete and satisfying to do work. Since the introduction of plastic pipes, plumbing is even easier today than it was just 30 years ago. Advances in technology, benefit everyone, not just the plumber. There are some great DIY books available. The problem is that most people read just enough to do the task in particular, who want to perform, and does not read the entire book, thinking they do not need any additional information. Even as a plumber, I'm still learning new things on a daily basis. Closing your mind to new ideas, which will cost in the long run.

What did I do on Saturday? My first "do it yourself" plumbing task as I try to be a "handy woman" in my own domain and handle any home repair. Here i. . .

Geothermal Heating Cooling

What proportion of water and antifreeze should be mixed. I was happy to learn … Geothermal heating and cooling uses the relatively constant temperature of the earth to heat and cool homes and businesses with 40% to 70% less energy than conventional systems. While conventional furnaces and boilers burn a fuel to generate heat, geothermal heat pumps use electricity to simply move heat from the earth into buildings, allowing much higher efficiencies. The heater burns fuel more efficiently can achieve efficiencies of around 95% but a geothermal heat pump can move up to 4 units of heat for every unit of electricity needed to power the system, resulting in a practical equivalence of efficiency than 400%.

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Plumbing contractor

Need more business now, or get so many calls that can be very demanding and take only easy and highly profitable work? When a call from someone needing work is received, do you think, "Hey, great. Businesses." Or do you think, "Oh, gee. Do not know if I can handle another job right now."? The reason I ask is that, since I bought a house, get the number of people who come to the house and then sending me an estimate is just shocking. I really thought people would want to work in today's economy, but it seems that everything is rosy in the plumbing and heating industry. The first time it happened was when I wanted a new gas boiler installed. This seemed like a good gig for me as there was nothing unusual in the installation and I was ready to buy a new brand, the average price of the boiler. It seemed a day's work for a fairly large time gains. However, had several people either did not submit proposals at all, or send them a few months (yes, months.) Later. Now the same is happening with installing dishwasher. Of course, this seems a bit more work for the contractor because of the need to do some plumbing work in a small space, but I've had several people give me decent verbal estimates, and never promised to send the paperwork, or send a written proposal that was twice what was said verbally, as if they had decided, "Hey, I really want to do this, but if she is going to pay double, I will push myself. Worth a shot." This sounds like a silly question, but is there anything I can do to make my house more attractive for contractors? I have a three double bedroom apartment in a safe and decent neighborhood (good schools and parks, but not many Mercedes). Polar bear is a troll, or is there something I'm missing here? I'm really at a loss. I do not think, in most cases, they think I do not want a proposal. I did not ask one, or say they are sending one, and say, "Okay, fine.". After looking around, I learned – When a call from someone who needs the job is received, do you think, "Hey, big business." Or do you think, "Oh, gee I do not know if I can handle.. Another job right now. "? As a contractor for HVAC / R Texas depends on the time of year. If summer is my busy time have little or no time, all one flame at a time and everyone wants it done at this time. These times of the year they have to prioritize. In the fall or mild winter I Great Business at any time the phone rings. Most companies are suffering from job to keep everyone on the payroll. I've had jobs I really did not want to duplicate or triplicate and the offer to discourage and yes, if you still wanted me to take because I am looking for aa nice profit. This may be due to the difficulty of use and the difficulty of customers. It can cost the company a lot of money trying to keep a happy customer. I try to take care of my loyal customers first and then schedule other accordingly. Frankly avoid the Mercedes customers due to the fact most have spent so much on their cars, art and other items showoff who can not afford adequate repairs or replacements. Another deterrent is when a client calls a bunch of other quotes for the same job. I operate my company in quality and, in general, when a client calls a lot of people who are looking for the cheapest. Quality and cheap will not meet in the HVAC industry. Aslo lot of people think because they are paying a lot of money the contractor gets that. At the time of hire insurance, inspections, licenses, and overhead pother as vehicles to get there, payroll, compensation insurance and the great price of installed equipment, working in a very small profit margin. If it was a larger work, such as installing HAVC system wrote detailed proposals, but in cases of small jobs or repairs that would give Wright a general estimate and leave it at that moment or respond by email. Mainly because the only time to put in writing a proposal can be used for many other things that take time, and there is the promise that if a job is low-profit or no chance of getting the job at all, you just worked for free. For a sales representative, they can work to the commission and do not even enough to cover his time passed out so its sometimes easier to cut losses immediately. Either way I always have the integrity to tell my client up front if I had the time to get to it or if it was going to be a while. It's just good business since.

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Roofing Contractor

What a great chicagoland roofing company that will do a good job for cheap. Well, I have the answer here. In the world of remodeling, home improvements or hiring residential building, "great" and "cheap" do not usually go together. A legitimate business needs to make a profit to stay in business. In order to stay in business in the long term, the company must pay taxes, carry liability insurance and workers' compensation, and pay other normal operating expenses. This usually means that their prices are a little higher than the guy who works out of the back of his truck for cash. Unfortunately, many owners make their purchase decisions based on the cheapest price. Often burned when an uninsured worker is injured at work and the only way to recover damages is to sue the homeowner. They also feel frustrated when they can not find the right one or two years later for a warranty claim. In some cased, they are forced to pay for materials twice when a provider files a lein against the property of the homeowner because the "contractor" could not pay for the material. Contractor complaints like these will be among the top three types of complaints received by the Office of the Attorney General (usually Division of Consumer Affairs). The only way to ensure that these problems do not befall you is to deal with reputable contractors. My advice is to decide what brand and color tiles you want in your home before you contact roffing contractors for a price. This ensures that everyone is bidding on the basis of the same criteria. At a minimum, I recommend screening contractors using the following criteria: 1) Make sure that the contractor has been in business for at least ten years. This shows in a very real way the contractor is on the up and up. 2) Ask for, and check out the references in your area. Previous clients will usually be very happy to tell you their experience with a contractor. 3) Insist that a contractor provides you with a certificate of insurance showing that they are covered by general liability insurance and workers' compensation. The certificate must be mailed to you by the insurance company of the contractor, as it is too easy for a smart contractor for a copy Phoney. 4) Ensure that any warranty labor is in writing. They usually provide a separate warranty on materials. 5) Make sure that all details of the work are expressed in writing in the contract. 6) Do not give a contractor more than a down payment of 10% upon signing the contract. Contractors who ask for more money "so they can buy materials" should send an alarm that can not be ignored. You can bet that a contractor who requires a large down payment has no working capital and will soon be out of business. Do not pay the contractor the balance due until all work is completed to your satisfaction. Once you are paid in full, you lose all influence in getting back to finish the job. Note that this is a highly competitive business and a contractor who charges high prices will not be in business for long. Prices for legitimate contractors tend to be very close if they are all bidding on the exact same job. I hope this information will help you make your decision. Good luck with your roofing project.

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Gaf Roofing

Texas residential roofing. From what I can tell … GAF is the single worst, they are not as good quality if you ask me. GAF ELK bought and merged the two now known as GAF Elk. As I said in my opinion is not very good. And the warranty, so they have is the name of a vessel of you know what. It looks good on paper, but file a claim and you will be ready for the greatest running. I would not recommend this product to anyone. Before the merger of GAF Elk withe. Elk did an excellent product, not so much since it was acquired by GAF.

Kitchen Plumbing

So I've had this problem in the continuous pipe in my house. Rent and had been waiting for some time for the owner to have my kitchen sink repaired. The tubes remain leak below. After years finally went to get it fixed, first by her husband, who used a repair kit walmart washer cheaptastic. That worked for a while, then time was leaking like crazy and had a "plumber" come. Turns out he was a construction worker, who brought a friend. Considered one of the small tubes. The pipe is replaced. The construction worker grimaced and said "I hope it does." It was good for about a week after it was leaking badly again. He took some things from his pipe and said he had hindered the ebb and flow could actually leak, however, said he pressed all and hopefully there should be no problems. Two days later it was leaking again, not bad, but still leaking. He came back with an employee. They found a couple of things in the drain and blamed that. Filtered again a day or two later, but it was an abnormal thing and has not leaked since. That was about 3 weeks ago. So that tells its findings to the landlord, the landlord says its our fualt and we pay and sicked this "plumber" in us. No point first that if my tubes were not blocked how was there a barrier to cause a leak? Is this really my fault possibly? I told him I would pay, I would have to change my home short because I have no extra money, but I'm not going to pay if you pull the string. What it feels like it is. My question is there: Is this really probably my fault. Essentially – A lot of kitchen sinks with drains that can leach easily due to its construction. If debris in the drain would cause the sink to go back more than a leak. It is more likely that the "plumber" finally got the intake straight the last time he was there. Unfortunately, due to the construction of these drains if you do not get the whole assembly put back quite right that can leach easily around the joints. Here, problem is with the landlord. If you have the money you need to decide how it will handle legal and financial problems.

Kitchen plumbing.

Roofing Companies

Okay so I was looking for Roofing Companies in Phoenix AZ because recently I noticed a couple of my tiles had actually fallen, but my roof looks good and have not had any leaks. I was looking for a company in my area that hopefully can check the status of it and see if it needs to be replaced. I need an honest company that not only think and look at this as $ $ $. Thank you, Tina. After looking around, I learned – Hi Tina, Well most companies do not turn down an opportunity to make money, but I would suggest a company that is large enough or experienced because if a smaller company is selected or with less experience are just taking advantage of the situation. I personally suggest checking yourself or call a relative who knows a bit about roofing or home reno and ask. But if you want a reliable company that always consult with Overson Roofing, have been around for a while and are quite large. Shelly

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Plumbing Basics

I would like more information on becoming a qualified plumber if anyone can help. I am a 29 year old looking to return to work after a long break from work raising children. I often like to train to become a plumber, or at least have a chance to see if I'm done for her. I can not see myself in a typical "female" work environment, but I worry that the pipes can be a "man's world" if I'm going to fight to get taken seriously. Looking online there seems to be a lot of expensive courses I'm assuming they are not worth the paper it's written on, Cant see how its possible to train as a plumber at home and do not want to spend money and time with nothing to show at the end of thereof. What would be the route you'd need to take, I imagine it would leave school college / a. T. S, but surely these people are in search of cheap labor, while the formation of what would not accept any older person. While at home I've been a bit of a, have a go at any DIY enthusiast, I have moved radiators, taps replaced and some other commodities, without problems or not a rookie. Any advice would be greatly appreciated, thanks in advance x. I was happy to learn … You can not learn from a book properly plumbing / computer much of it is based on skill and that has to be practiced and experienced over time. You can learn the basics of it as a professional skill in a local university or join a training course run by the industry, but have to pay for and attend both sessions. Since there were stories of plumbers who earn a lot of money a few years ago there are plenty of private companies offering training courses and many are complete scams. Anyway those days are gone, so do not waste your money, my advice is to contact a local higher education college and take a course not

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Home Plumbing

In a modular home makes the home come with all the plumbing done? If not how to install the plumbing work? Can I get a hot tub outside on the second floor balcony. From what I can tell … Modular homes come with all the plumbing and electrical roughed with only final connections that need to be made. If you have a special request, such as a jacuzzi on the balcony needs to address this before the construction of the unit to meet your needs. Most likely they would have to do additional electrical, plumbing and structural work to support the new hot tub.

Part 1 of the new episode of Building Construction home in Wisconsin with Horner Plumbing and Bielinski Homes.

Shower Plumbing

I'm remodeling the bathroom was my1950 and would like to add a shower. I'm taking my time on remodeling and behold all done myself. I learned a lot and feel confident that I can save $ 300 on labor to do this project myself also. I'm keeping the tub and add a shower head. I have not been able to find much information about yourself on the web for it. Does anyone know where to find a good video for this? Or offer any advice on how to do what I need supplies etc. ? Thanks for the help. I was happy to learn … To do this, first you have to open the wall where is ur Faucett tub. . Most of the time this is done from the back (not the tile side), then you have toshut the main water supply to the home off. . You will then need to confirm that this valve is made out. . After plumbing need any tools and knoledge remove existing Faucett. . After about $ 125 you have to buy a new tub and shower Faucett. . Given that now has 2 holes in the wall of the tub. . . To minimize tile work. You will need to get a tub shower Faucett driven for 3. . . . Then you will have better than basic soldering skills. A hand full of copper fittings. . Flow. . Welding. PPIE and a torch (approximatly $ 45) is not for nothing, but I think they do a kit (new tub spout. Chrome tube length. Bracket and. Chief) so it does not have to open the wall and replace valve. Either way good luck

Types of Roofing

I have experience in taking down some buildings, but not much in ceilings. I got this job my uncle roof and I do not know much about him. He said he will teach me, but I would like to know some things ahead of time. Can someone tell me what is all involved in the ceilings. Details would be nice. Basically … Roofing is a very different subject for a quick lesson make any sense. There are many types of roofing materials that can be used, depending on the style and tone of the cover. Also keep in mind the different types of flicker, ice and water barriers, and ventilation techniques. Perhaps you can find some books at your local library to familiarize yourself with any of the terms and procedures for applying roofing materials.

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I wonder how much plumbing job that allows me to do in my new construction. I want to put as many pipes myself to cut costs, but I'm not sure what is allowed. Does anyone have the answer please. After talking with others on the web, I found the answer. In a new construction project, the main drawback of self-installation is time. A plumber will have the experience to 'imagineer' whole system in his / her head, and quickly estimate how many of each component will be required. This is particularly useful if the designed system needs to be changed to accommodate other changes in generation. Even if you have a good idea of where everything goes, you will be at a disadvantage compared to a professional when plumbing work must integrate seamlessly with other stages of the construction schedule. If you are not familiar with plumbing, there are some very good books on DIY, but sometimes they may assume that you are using the standard fittings that may not be applicable to your project methods. There is no restriction on the amount of "wet" plumbing is allowed to do, but the work must comply with building regulations in order to comply with the standard inspection. Regs Building Cleaning denomination and 'Part H (drainage)', and 'G (hygiene) part' can get instructions on how to comply with the requirements of these from the link below ('Approved Documents "are not Building Regulations; .. That describe what kind of work are in accordance with the rules set out in the Regulations If you are interested in Regs themselves can also link through that through the planning portal) There different regulations governing Heating Appliances. This year it became illegal for anyone who is not qualified to connect any important domestic electricity supply permanent staff electrician. Has also been illegal for some time, to any person other than qualified installer to connect any gas equipment to gas-supply system CORGI. Nevertheless, it is very common that the craftsman to check, connect, and sign off road that has already met competently. This is a standard procedure and (should be) pretty cheap.

Shannon from showing how to cut copper pipes and copper tubes welded together with an elbow joint.

Heating Cooling Systems Prices

1998 Integra GSR My dad does NOT have the original GSR motor. It has a Civic DX engine (d15b8) and he got me the way school and told me that the car was warming up and almost hit the red line. We arrived by car and sometimes we reach very high temperatures and then cooled completely happy and then just making the whole trip home. We wondered what could be and whether you would be able to tell us. Please and Thank you .. (:. Well, I have the answer warming and cooling on a highway This could be bad, a blockage in the cooling system of accumulation If coolant is dark brown, flush it down Check oil, water.?. . Dipstick is very bad. Maybe just defective sensor or sender. Fans can run and then stops, the need to see during heating. ——— or hot car stop moving cool? Weakness That is a bad water pump or cooling fans, this also happens with small head gasket leak because the exhaust air enters your cooling system, you will not see the sludge in the coolant or water in the oil. Seek bubbles in the coolant with the car running. There are other possible reasons, but these are usually considered in slings.

Plumbing Advice

Plumber several times and nothing seems to help. If I'm washing something or brushing and flushing, the sink is full. Then it takes probably 15 minutes to drain. A friend of mine told me to put hydrogen peroxide on it. This helped somewhat, but in a very short time, slowed again. I even put two bottles of peroxide once. Well, I have the answer here. Try CLR Power Plumber brand, it's just a can of air you have over the drain opening and push down on the can. I've used it many times in different applications and has always worked very well. I bought it at ACE hardware store but I'm sure it is available anywhere.

This is the second part of a video on how to install pex pipe in your home. Included is the real beginning of the pipeline, along with some advice for me. . .