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My daughter’s friend dropped a small compact in the home my daughter and hear 2 friends rent. A visiting friend told my daughter that she dropped a compact into their toilet, and the toilet did stop working. My daughter told the landlord, and my daughter and housemates agreed to pay the plumber. However, the plumber found no compact, or any other obstruction, inside the toilet (he removed the toilet and looked). But the toilet still doesn’t work. The plumber believes, however, that the problem is with the toilet, which is older. He said the flow isn’t right–and he said that the toilet should be replaced with a newer, ‘fast flush’ (I think that’s what he called it) toilet. My daughter’s willing to pay the plumber the cost of installing a new toilet, but I don’t see why she should have to. She’s also afraid the landlord will make her purchase the toilet itself– but this sounds like a maintenance problem to me. After all, there’s no compact in the toilet now, and everyone says a compact is too small to block the pipes–and again, the plumber feels it’s the toilet itself that’s problem. Should my daughter have to pay the plumber to put a new toilet in? Yahoo’s computer must have glitched–it turned my first paragraph into babble I didn’t write. Thanks, everyone–tomorrow I’ll re-post the question after reviewing my daughter’s email–there was more to what the plumber said than I’ve mentioned. SEE NEW POSTING–THANKS. After speaking to others on the web, I found the answer. If the plumber is stating that the replacement is not because of tenant damage, then they CANNOT charge her. She needs to get a statement from the plumber stating that she (and friends) did not cause it to be replaced. If they try to force her to purchase it, then she can take them to court.

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Roofing Quotes

Hi, I met a roofer in Ontario, Canada and he gave 2 quotes – $8,000 for a 4-plex shingles average size roof and $16,000 for a 6-plex – half shingles half rolled roof. Is this reasonable? (no measurements mentioned on the quote) Around half of the above amounts is material and half is installation/work. It seems a bit high and I wanted to ask what range I can expect. I am not looking for the cheapest but rather a good job and reasonable price (not most expensive too). SORRY I do not have measurements but if you are an expert imagine an AVERAGE size 4-plex roof then average size 6-plex roof. Because they are just average. THANKS. After speaking to others on the web, I found the answer. Joe if 1st bid put it in folder. Now contact 5 other roofers and get written bids. Have each explain what how why they doing what they say. After you got 6 bids , throw out highest and lowest. Simple. Next 4 compare apples to apples oranges to oranges to b sure they bidding for same thing. Got questions call up and find out. Do write everything down to compare.

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Plumbing Repair

The tub faucet works, but no water comes out of the shower. There was a long term leak which caused a lot of mold, so i’ve pulled out most of the drywall and cabinetry that was affected (moldy). Now the plumbing for the tub/shower is exposed and I would often repair the bathroom plumbing completely before reinstalling walls. . . . . . . Is there maybe a newbie site for this sort of thing that someone can recommend. . . . Or perhaps even give me any idea of where to start and what to look for with this repair? Tyia . From what I can tell… If the water is coming out of the faucet itself ok, then the problem is the diverter. On any showers, this is a separate knob, handle, lever, etc. . And on any older ones, its just a pull up stem on the spigot itself, hehe. Do you know where the leak was at originally? Was it fixed, and if so, how? This may be a separate issue from the lack of supply to the shower head itself. Here are a couple of sites you can check • And of course, there’s always This Old House, hehe – Many community/state colleges also offer basic courses in plumbing and other trades, any as short as a few days. . good for any homeowner to check into, if they like DIY If you take the diverter valve out, you can mostly find a replacement at most hardware, building supply stores, etc. Its handy to take it with you to the store to get the exact type needed. It’s probably $10 or less for a new one, depending on brand. You may need a valve wrench like one of these • You might also try posting any photo’s of the plumbing, the valve, etc. . To get more detailed answers. Have Fun

This Video shows you the replacement of an old cast iron pipe to PVC done by Olin Plumbing Inc.

Home Roofing

It keeps leaking badly. Who built did a terrible job. My husband is there now the old roofing material rolled in off break. We can not afford to hire someone so we have to do it ourselves. What should we do first? It's 8. 5 25 feet. There is not even tar paper on the tables and the tables are only 1/2 inch thick. Is that too thin? I know we need tar paper, at least, new to flash and then rolls. Anything else? There is also a large gap between the trailer and the addtion (just styrofoam stuffed in the middle). Thanks for any help. It is a nearly flat roof on the side of the trailer, about four inches below the ceiling of the trailer (which is where the gap is 3 inches). Essentially – I guess the roof is made with a jump in it. . If space does not cause a leak I would not worry about that. . All you will need are: New roof Tar paper roll. Wax headed roofing nails. Make sure that they will go all the way through the 1/2 "plywood + layers of roofing) Run the tar paper opposite to the direction you intend to lay the rolled roofing and overlay about 1/2 ". . (No key down-If you do use a few nails) When you place the rolled roofing material to make the part of the crown (top) past. Start at the bottom edge of the cover and attach the first piece. Nail down except for the top edge. . The following should overlap the first piece of about one inch and two inches. . This is called a back rain and some rain can not seep under the first piece. . Always raining lap each piece all the way to the top. Then on top of having delayed the rest of the roof. Take a whole band and put it all the way to the point roof. . This will be one big rain back. . . Oh, and 1/2 "plywood is good .. If your house under the roof, then I guess it's for a patio or any other use (Add on, etc..) Then the drop should be fine .. The rain just falling from the ceiling above the add on .. You may want to make sure you have a good rain gutters at home. Whether it's a very old house with small spout can buy good cheap replacement gutters to a supply of mobile homes close you ..

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Heating Contractors

In our house we have one of the combined cooling heating within a small cabinet air conditioner runs on electricity and heating using natural gas units. While the heater runs this season strong peridicol hear clicking from the unit. It clicks into for a while. It goes out from time to time, even if the home has not reached the desired temperture. After a while we Heat of the house and the click will come and go whenever I want? Some idea? Thank you. In essence – it could be the high temperature switch.


I need to measure my roof to find out how many squares of shingles I need to buy. From what I can say … In the terminology of ceilings, a "square" is 100 square feet. Composition shingles (asphalt or fiberglass) come in packs covering third. Roofing comes in rolls 3 feet wide and 36 feet long, for a coverage of about 1 square. When installing on bare wood ceilings, roofing felt – often called tar paper – set first. A roll of felt covers about 15 pounds for 4; thicker roll 30 lb. Felt covers 2 squares. When ordering any of these materials, add 15 percent of the waste.

Shower Plumbing

Hello, I'm turning my bath in a shower with shower homemade mortar. What soil should I use and how would divert water from the bathroom faucet to come just for the shower. Essentially – A tub drain is 1 1/2 pipe size of a shower drain is 2 pipe size. Should not be a problem if you do not become crazy with the amount of shower heads that you put in it. As for the faucet will only have to plug the tube that goes from the valve to lower the tub spout. Consult local codes, state and ship each city has there own laws, possibly, no permits are required, local building centers have a shower base. Mustee, is typical. Site built you're talking about requires a drain 2 pieces including a membrane that prevents leakage. Not many plumbers do such things. Regarding your best price for talking to a company of tiles,

This is a full video on repairing a leaky faucet bathroom to remove the stem and control headquarters for wear. Remove the seat and the installation of the new headquarters. . .

Commercial Roofing

I need a cool name like (kanga roof or roofs flying tiger) a cool logo and a slogan please name as many as possible. Well, I have the answer here. Can not think of a name, but can suggest some creative approaches. 1 About selling things (could suggest a name like "kanga ceilings" 2: Personal data owner (name, preferences, favorite names) 3: About the location (either location names or story) 4: About their customers (suggest names like "Roofing Insurance" good luck.

DIY Plumbing

After you have installed a new radiator, I decided to use those Speedfit joint pipeline to save messing around with trying to solder copper pipe age in place. I am now in a position to join the cops back in the old copper network. Will I simply push the copper poly elbow. ? It will withstand the pressure of the central heating system. . ? Or is there a special connector copper poly I have to get? As there is no olive or rubber whatever the copper pipe. What does the cop then grip. . Is it just sucking? Home insurance huh? . Lol. So I set up as I thought. . . And flooded the living room. . 3 mops in the kitchen. Waiting. . And everyone stood around amazed at the source. I think I found an answer. Just push the copper tube into the Speedfit connector. Ensure that the pipe end is not too strong as it can damage the O-ring inside. Push to the bottom and if there is an adapter sleeve, do that later. The connection will be further strengthened under pressure.

Hello. Here is more in the series that can save you time and money. When it comes to plumbing, I have found that there are many smaller items you can do yourself. . .

Roofing Contractors

There seems to be a lot of shady characters out there. Anyone know any good roofing companies. I live in Cincinnati, Ohio. I was happy to know … WHAT MAKES A GOOD CONTRACTOR? By: Jamie Marksberry Article 10/26/2012 Sponsor: AnyWeather Roofing. Located in Alexandria, KY. As a company that has ranked first in ratings Angie's List, is a score on accreditation, and constantly have 5 star ratings with its many clients show that they are a great example of what contractors can do the right thing . When you sit down to write this particular article I had to ask myself: "What characteristics would be strongly requiring a contractor who was doing work at my house?" There are many who would consider "must have" when it comes to contractors, but I've narrowed the list of the best features that I think make great contractors. RELIABILITY: Verify that the contractor is called has been in business in your area for several years qualified. Over 85% of all roofing contractors are out of business within 5 years, long before the warranty expires and before many roofing problems start to appear and cause problems. 85% of those who are not last until the 10th year. (Bureau of Labor Statistics) INTERVIEW: Take time to meet with a contractor to call in person at home to review the proposal and the detailed specifications. Try to select a knowledgeable, organized, experienced, and locally established contractor who will take a personal interest in your roofing project. Choose one that has an established history of many projects like roofing done in your local area. If you are going to farm out their work to an unknown roofing subcontractor should interview them as well. REFERENCES: Require a minimum of at least 20-50 recent work references and also several fro m each year say they were in the business. Ask for customer testimonials. Roofing AnyWeather asks customers to go to Yahoo. Page review of local companies Com and write several short sentences about what they liked about the experience. It also helps to drive past several papers to check for adequate ventilation, showing the details, and overall appearance. Ask previous customers if they were satisfied and if they would use them again. ADDRESS AND PHONE: Ensure that the contractor actually has a physical location that you can find if you need to locate in the future, not just a mailbox, etc, drop down box. Do they have an actual store office and material storage or just leave the back of his pickup truck. Make sure they have a real local phone # and not just a cell phone. When problems occur, it is much easier to find someone if you know how, in advance. Check out his speech license. LICENSE, INSURANCE AND BONDS: Insist on receiving a copy of the State of Illinois Roofing Contractors License, General Liability Insurance, Workers Compensation Insurance and its Bono Roofing. Do not assume they have it because you say so. They should have enough pride in themselves to include a copy for each client. INCLUSION / CONTRACT: Insist on a proposal for comprehensive and detailed written and examine it for complete descriptions of the work and specifications, including approximate length of the work and payment procedures. Verbal agreements should be added to the written agreement. You must, by law, you will be informed in writing its 3-Day "right to rescind" if you change your mind and get all your money deposit refunded to you. USE YOUR NOGGIN: 85% of all claims involving construction related problems ceilings. You only have one chance to make the "first right choice." If a contractor tells you something very different to another contractor, then either do your own research or have the contractor provide documentation to justify and support their analysis, especially on the intake and exhaust ventilation, Plywood vs OSB Panel particles Ice & Water Shield & The flashing.

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Shower Plumbing

I installed a new shower moving the existing shower on the wall at the end of the bathtub faucet on the other side of the tub (1. 7m) I redirected pipes in the attic to get off the wall in the newly placed showering. I connected to the shower for two pipes and electirc shower room and ordered according to manufacturers guidence to the letter. My problem is. . . . . Water flows perfectly, no leaks until I put the shower head in, then the PRD (pressure relief device) in kicking and flows of water from the shower. Please help. Do you have something to do with the water pressure? Have I sounded bad. Essentially – I hope this helps. I just moved into a new (to me) house only to find that the water is> pouring out of the bottom of the electric shower -. A Gainsborough 8 5kW> model. The previous owners have vacationed and Gainsborough Showers> are closed for the weekend. There is still enough water to get through> to have a shower so no emergency hygiene. >> Apparently the pressure relief device has worked because if I remove> the shower head water comes only through the pipe. Are these >> devices at once or is there a way to reset it? Other ____ >> The pressure relief device is very sensitive in these models and operate if someone has the audacity to put his hand on the shower head. However, they are also very easy to fix. A (small) point of the cross is necessary (position and Phillips are interchangeable at this size) # 1. To food (of course) and the bath plug in the hole (you'll find out why later) remove the plate, the adjustment control knob and unscrew (normal Pozi No.2) of the outer cover. Then you can remove (with point # 1) output connector. The outlet fitting is a small rubber ball (about 6 mm in diameter) that can replace back into the outlet fitting. If the water is running releif tiles you may have no problem, but if it is to find your way back. .

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Best London / UK Plumbing and Heating Services. Essentially – Is your plumbing system of your house like a drowning irritating sore throat? Call us now at 0207-3856781 or 0753-3383218 for immediate repairs. Response time is an hour or FREE. Unless ** stipulate an estimated arrival in busy here at VDC Plumbing & Heating Services, you have a lot of pride in our plumbing work, no matter how big or small, and we are committed to our customers from the moment day time in asking us for help. We also offer central heating installations and other remedies. Our goal is that you have total peace of mind and get a lot of value from our experience. . "Home Sweet Home" CORGI certified VDC Plumbers are dedicated to restoring full functionality and reliability of its residential properties so you can relax, unwind and say, also with VDC Plumbing & Heating Services, you get: * No Call Charges Utility Out * Reliability * 24 Hour Emergency Services * free advice and DIY Expert Advice * Response I'mmediate Special Weekend Rates night * Y * Competitive prices * extra special membership rates guaranteed 100% satisfaction or refund their money. Contact Information VDC Plumbing and Heating Services 243 North End Road, London, W14 9UQ E-mail: Info @ vdcplumbers. Com telephone numbers: 0207-3856781 or 0753-3383218 visit tags: London Plumbers | Plumbing Jobs | Domestic Heating and Plumbing | Heating Repair

Shannon from showing how to cut copper pipes and copper tubes welded together with an elbow joint.

Roofing Quotes

Hello, I found a roofer in Ontario, Canada, and he gave 2 quotes – $ 8,000 for a tile roof medium size 4-Plex and $ 16,000 for June 1-Plex – half board laminated ceiling tiles. Is this reasonable? (Measurements are mentioned in the quote) About half of the above amounts is material and medium is the facility / work. It seems a little high and wanted to ask what range that I can expect. I'm not looking for cheap, but a good job and reasonable (not too expensive). Thank you. Basically … Hi Joe, you do not help us, because not let us know the size / dimensions of your roof. How big is it? Obviously the bigger, the more it will cost. Also, is there any reason you are not getting 2-3 quotes companies? It is rare that just get a quote from a person using them. Go get a few quotes – it costs you nothing.

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Home Plumbing

I'm doing my plumbing leaks focuses primarily on the elbows and unions. These holes are happening in the external corner joints. As far as I know there is or electrolysis or bites errossion happening from the inside out. The pipes are leaking just after the water meter and are made of copper. I've had six leaks in many months. Most have focused on the beginning of the plumbing of the house. It is a 4 level side-split and if you go behind a wall to shoot myself and having to put a question in the suicide section. Well, I have the answer here. It is pitting corrosion and probably is caused by electrolysis if you see pitting on the pipe. It occurs mostly in plumbing pipes of dissimilar metals in contact with other metals such as brass, copper and galvanized. One way to alleviate the problems of electrolysis is to ensure that when there is a change of pipe materials is to ensure a buffer zone of non-metallic pipe, such as PVC. I would make sure that direct coupling meters past brass water meter (called Spud meters) there is a break of PVC and then copper. Elsewhere the pipe material changes, you must have a buffer of non-metallic pipes. Also check for electrical cables that may be connected to ground pipes. This could also be a source for electrolysis problem. GOOD LUCK

More: Thd. Co / XRUzQL Learn about the secret life of the plumbing system of your home, including how water flows into your home and how the drainage system flow. . .

Commercial Plumbing

I'm trying to leave in residential and commercial? Help. After talking with others on the web, I found the answer. Your best bet is to get some plans and apply for a home supply local plumbing supply. There are experts who offer commercial work only 8 hours a day, 5 days a week. Use them 🙂 almost all commercial work mostly uses the same standard material. Accessories American Standard, T & S laundry and kitchen faucets, Zurn Cos, FDs RDS. Elkay coolers, etc.. Floor sinks Mustee Get price list and your multiplier.

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Heating Air Conditioning

Lg air conditioner does not heat as good as the dose unit defordt goed for all so it can often be the snow outside temperature is -3. Well, I have the answer. As you say I think heat is talking about a heat pump no A / C. If so, that's normal. When below zero does not exist outside of the tire to heat the house. Thus all the heat coming from the electrical heat strip. No reason to run in normal mode. When below freezing, it is recommended to run the emergency heat mode running on electric heating mode only kicks off the compressor. Running the compressor when too cold is a waste of energy. It just freezes and thaws produce little or no heat from the compressor. What you are experiencing run in normal mode is there a kick start before the heat kicks. So making 70f, run and runs as the temperature drops. Once it hits as 67f, starting in electricity, but only bring it up to 68f and return to the heat pump produces heat. In emergency mode will bring up 70f but using only electric heat. I hope that makes sense to you. Good luck.

Roofing Installation

Price per square meter and material out. . Trying to get an idea. Thank you. You know what I found? Call your local hardware store for roofing materials and coating. Preferably a business that specilizes only in these materials. Ask them for 3 or 4 names of people or business that could come out, measure your project and give you estimates are requesting. If you hire this project actually require that any contractor will provide a current insurance card from your insurance company liability and that no employee covered by worker's compensation. Put this language in a contract before starting any job. This is to protect you in case of an accident.

EPDM Rubber Roofing Classicbond If you are a professional or home roofing business and finding a roofing material flat rubber that is both sustainable. . .

Heating Cooling Systems

The formation of CoCl4 2 – Co 2 + and Cl-is endothermic. Are the color changes accompanying the heating and cooling equilibrium mixture according to Le Chatelier's principle? Please explain. Thank you. Well, I have the answer. Heat and [pinkCo (H2O) 6] 2 and 4 Cl -> [Blueco (Cl) 4] -2, 6 H2O by Le Chatelier's principle, adding more than any of the three to the left. . I.e. Hotter or Cl-, will be conducting the reaction to the right side, the blue side by Le Chatelier's principle, the removal of any of the three at the left side. . Fresh IE or eliminate Cl-withthe addition of Ag +, will drive the reaction to the left side, the side pink

Do It Yourself Plumbing

How I can use excess tube that came with my refrigerator to connect to PEX pipes beneathe the kitchen sink. You know what I found? The ice water connection behind the fridge is fourth most likely, there is a "T" special, which can be purchased at a hardware or plumbing store. It allows you to not have to cut any pipe, simply unscrew and then screw it back together. It is in the cold water line. You can get a braided tube 1/4, which works best for this, then a couple of small holes to be drilled, and then only fish the tubing through and connect to each other.

Butler Plumbing Welcome to "Do It Yourself Plumbing Guide" In this video 4 tools you need to perform basic plumbing tasks yourself is. More information at http. . .


I live in a row house with a flat roof. I had Direct TV and the technician made 2 or 3 attempts to get a line of sight to the southwest, finally found it. However, poorly covered watermarks previous drilling and filtered on my roof and mold formed. I tore the sheet of drywall out. I'm looking for the best way to repair the holes. I read of silicone rubber or roofing cement, do not join and winter escapes (this may be what happened). What should I do, I'd go all out and redo the silver in a large patch. Besides, I'd rather do it myself instead of hiring a professional ($ $). But if necessary, I would. I'm afraid, 'd try to sell me a new roof. Thanks, some extra touches, is a rubber roof. We currently have the top covered with silver. I live in Philadelphia, so it can be very hot, easpecially ceiling, but I can also get real cold. Snow too. Not sure if that matters, but I thought I'd mention. It is quite warm now, though, and I'm thinking I'm going to do the job this weekend, when it comes to 50. Essentially – What is your roof made? Rubber Roofs can and do not have "black cat" tar roof used on them. They make a special patch roof roofing rubber works in all conditions. Putty works for small holes, do a clearcaulk is good up to 10 degrees F. It is sold at Ace and True Value hardware stores. If it is a roof of asphalt and tar roofing then it is best to use. You can assign any type of roof, it's a matter of using the correct materials and bonding agent.

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