Shingle Roofing

From what little I know about roofing materials, I would think metal to be the better option, yet shingle roofing seems ubiquitous. I was so pleased to find this — First of all, I must say that I work for a seller of metal roofing, so I’m somewhat biased on the subject. : ) That being said, I truly believe that metal roofing is the best bet for your roof. Asphalt shingles last on average 10-17 years before needing replaced. If you live in an area without much rain, moss, or pollution, your shingles may last even longer, as much as 25-30 years. Metal roofing has many advantages. There are many types of metal roofing, ranging from the most popular 3′ wide panel, to more expensive types such as standing seam and metal shingles. I will base the following on the most popular 3′ wide panel, as it is the most popular option to shingles. The advantages include: – Longivity: Metal roofing will carry warranties of around 40 years, and will in reality last 50-70 years in many cases. – Fire resistant: Carries a Class A fire rating, the highest available – Hail resistant: Carries a Class 4 impact resistance, the highest available (you may save on insurance rates) – Beautiful: Metal roofing is available in a good variety of simmering colors, with most companies having a selection of 15 or more colors to choose from. – Energy Efficient: The majority of metal roofing comes in Energy Star rated colors. This means a couple of things:1. Will save you on your air conditioning bill, and2. If installed on your residence, you will qualify for a 30% tax credit on the materials (in 2010). – Cost: Metal roofing has become more affordable over the last 15 years, to the point that in many cases, the 3′ panels are similar in cost to asphalt shingles. Add to that the 30% tax credit, and you should see that metal roofing may be around the same or less than shingles. Here is any more info on this panel, so you can get a good idea of what it is: Also here is a tool that lets you select a house, and see what the color might look like in different colors.

Home Plumbing

What is better 1/2 inch or 3/4 for home plumbing? Or does it not matter or are there pros and cons? Or do you use different sizes for different things? It seems that most use 1/2 inch plumbing, but someone told me 3/4 runs better? I have 1/2 inch now. If I were to switch to 3/4 inch would it fit to the shower, sink, and toilet fixtures? Or are there certain fittings that are made for 3/4? If so how much? By fixtures I mean the connection between the pipe and the feature. After looking around, I learned — 3/4 or one inch should be used for the main line from the tank depending on the application,with 1/2 inch feed lines. The sizing of the pipes depends on the water demand,or volume. This is achieved by pipe size and pressure. Your average home with one bath will do fine with 3/4 main line and 1/2 inch feeder lines. Using 1/2 inch main lines causes hot and cold surges when other taps are used. Every application is different and must meet state and local codes. T

Roofing Shingles

Hello, nine years ago we had Owens Corning Architectural 30 year shingles installed on our home, 2400 sqaure feet home and also a large garage, our roof has a high pitch and three dormers. There are cracks coming all over our roof and also many, many black horizontal lines with absolutely no granules and more granules coming off in the gutters. I am so upset, thought this was a great shingle and would last a long time. Have had an adjuster and also three reputable roofers look at roof and they all say it is a manufacturing defect. What is best way to handle talking to Owens Corning about my problem? The warranty says it was ten years full for labor and replacement of the shingles, not underlayment or tearoff. Also OC says when you have vented soffit and also ridge vent in roof that is not enough?????? The roofing firms here say that this is the common acceptable method of venting and do not need dormer vents also. Please give some advice, I am at my wits end, just had to take huge cut in pay to keep job, wife is ill, and now told my thrity year roof needs replaced. I climbed up today and looked at it, and it is in very bad shape, please advise. I am an honest man and hope they stand behind this shingle problem. I was happy to learn… I used to make a ton of money as an asphalt roof contractor. I had to quit once I realized what you are about to find out. When I got out, the majority of my work was starting to be 10yr old homes. The quality of asphalt shingles has decreased significantly over the last twenty years as the price has steadily increased. The manufacturers of these products hire lawyers to create their warranties in a way where it appears on the surface to be a warranty but actually covers nothing. The installers don’t care cause early failure means more work for them. on the flip side, I now only install permanent roofs and selling them in america is almost impossible. The customers always want cheap, cheap, cheap and hardly ever do much real research about different roofs. Permanent roofs are ALWAYS cheaper in the long run but walmart shoppers don’t know anything about the long run anyway. There’s nothing I can offer you as far as help from others unless you are one of the . 001% of americans who believe in personal responsibility. you’d have to admit that you bought the cheapest roof available. Then you’ll have to admit you found your materials along with your contractor with lowest price in mind. That’s why you found a contractor who helped you get into this mess rather than help you avoid it. Then you’ll have to admit that maybe you were wrong and at this point you will begin to learn something that makes this whole thing worth it in the “long run”. Opening yourself up to this kind of honesty will create a whole new path for you that will allow you to learn more and help avoid this kind of trouble in the future in more than just roofing. No pain, no gain. even as a shingler I never used to mess with brands like owens corning. They just don’t make quality products. The reason you’ve heard of them is because they make cheap products and they are sold by the big box stores. i’m sad for you but at the same time if you would have gotten a bid from a guy like me who’s actually trying to help you, you most likely would have written me off all together. Look, there will always be scammers and those who will scam you just cause they want your money. And even though we are currently involved in complete tyranny, in a constitutional republic there is no safety net with freedom. It’s up to you to educate and protect yourself. I know you look around and all of your neighbors are doing it, the stores are selling it, etc. but like boomers ironically told their children, “if everyone else is jumping off a cliff are you going to do that too?”. Well the cliff is here and the majority is in line ready to plunge to their death. It looks like they’re really enjoying themselves while they’re waiting but some of us have peeked over the edge and are walking the other way. On our way we are catching a lot of crap from those in line cause our act of defiance challenges the prevailing mindset. bottom line, you bought crap. Your contractor installs crap for a living. No one is going to take responsibility. You have to deal with it. Don’t do it again. Sorry to be so blunt but it’s frustrating how so many folks do such foolish things but probably wouldn’t if they weren’t so deluded to think someone will be there to protect them if they are wrong. Personal responsibility will make you a stronger, wiser, all around better person. Not immediately but in. . . . . “the long run”. what to do? If you are broke, i’d study roofs a bit and learn how to repair your roof and keep it going until you can afford to do something about it. Blog or whatever you can do to get your story out to others. Talk bad about owens corning and your contractor. Why didn’t he warranty your roof for 30yrs? Cause he knew they don’t last that long and that was your first clue. All the best

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Shingles Roofing

I am debating on replacing my current roof with either shingles or metal. I am wondering what would be the best option in terms of resale value and durability. What are your opinions on each? Also, and some what more importantly, is a ridge vent necessary with a metal roof as it is with a shingled roof. My house was built in 1993 and it wasn’t common to install ridge vents during that period. My metal roofing contractor has told me that they don’t typically install them if they are not there already because the metal reflects heat rather than absorb it like shingles. The house has gable vents on each side. Is it a big deal and should it be done? Our electricity bill is very reasonable and I don’t want to do anything to make it worse while trying to make it better. I am afraid that I may have to much heat lost during the winter. Any thoughts? Thanks. And so today I found out that… Good attic ventilation is important regardless of roof type. Ventilation helps keep the home cooler in summer. It helps avoid dangerous accumulation of moisture and it helps avoid winter ice dams. Good ventilation requires intake at the eaves mostly and exhaust. A ridge vent encourages the best distribution of fresh air throughout the attic and is very effective. Today’s metal roofs come in a wide variety of styles. Some of the lower end ones have exposed Fasteners which can require maintenance eventually. BUt the better metal roofs have concealed Fasteners as well as allowance for the metal’s thermal movement. They make incredibly lasting roof choices. I have had metal on all three of my homes and loved them all. Also as far as winter heat loss. . You need to avoid that with insulation on the floor of your attic. The roof actually has nothing to do with it and again to avoid winter ice dams you want your attic to be as cold as possible in the winter.

– learn how to install asphalt shingles roofing.

Geothermal Heating Cooling

. I think I found an answer. 1. Solar heating available everywhere the sun’s rays fall, but geothermal is only optimum in any places 2. Equipment and expertise required for solar heating is realtively simpler in comparison with geothermal heating 3. System of pipes (and water used) is less in solar heating (because the panels are smaller and sompact) but the pipes used in geothermal have to be built specially to not only withstand pressures underground, but also be conducting enough to absorb the heat. you can find further details in geophysical explanations for geo thermal and promotions of solar heating

Plumbing Bathroom

Have a 4 bedroom house and want to convert the smallest bedrooms to a master suite with bathroom. The bedroom is right next door to the only upstairs bathroom. Could anyone tell the cost for a plumber to layout the plumbing for about 6 x10 space. Also could I have a rough estimate on what an electrain would cost to wire the space. After looking around, I learned — Our plumber charges $1200-$1500 to rough plumb our basement bathrooms. This includes the setting of a 5′ americast bathtub, toilet drain-water line, and sink drain and hot/cold lines. A good plumber would be happy to help with the layout at no additional cost. Also, our electrician charges $350 for the bathroom wiring. This includes a 20amp GFCI outlet with a breaker to the panel, roughing in the wiring for the bathlight and fan. And it also includes the vent for the bathroom. Hope this helps. Todd Cella Finished For 14 Basement Specialists Layton, Utah 801-510-0303 finishedfor14. Com

Ductless Heating

I want to install ductless multi-zone in my house. I like the LG and Mitsubishi models. However, I read somewhere that these units should not be used as a primary heating source. I live in NE in Baltimore Area. I know heat pump produce little heat once temperature drops below 20 degree F. Do ductless have protection from getting damaged similar to regular heat pump system during cold weather? I have not been able to find any information from the manufacturer websites regarding this issue. I think I found an answer. I do not believe damage is the issue. A standard heat pump air handler also has a 220 volt electric strip heat built in for heat when the outside air is below freezing. The ductless don’t have that because it would mean running 220 to each room. This means when the weather is the coldest, you would have no heat. You would need an alternate primary heat source.

For Your Family’s Comfort 7-1-13.

Home Plumbing

A few months ago my fiance’ and I started having problems with the plumbing in our parallel bathrooms. The shower/tubs are separated only by a wall, and in both bathrooms there is a toilet next to those shower/tubs. For some unknown reason, the toilets became clogged and, even after we hired a plumber, the toilet in the master bath remains clogged. Earlier today, the opposite toilet became clogged again and when I flush and plunge it, the water in the bathtub starts coming up through the drain and bubbling in the opposite toilet. Does anyone have an idea what may be the problem and/or how it can be solved without hiring another plumber and spending hundreds of dollars? Thanks. From what I can tell… How long ago was the plumber there? Most have warranty’s on there work. I’d send a camera down through the toilet to see if there was any obstruction in that line. The toilets and tubs are connected under the floor,so when the main line plugs,water seeks the lowest level,the tubs. It sounds like the clog is downstream from the toilets,you’ll need the plumber again.

This video is about my home PEX plumbling. Many newer homes are increasing coming with this product. Though I shared some knowledge on what I learned about P. . .

Roofing Material

I’m wanting to build a roof over top of my miniramp, but I need to find a inexpensive method that will keep the rain out? Any ideas. I was so glad to find this — Some kind of asphalt will be the least expensive roofing material on the market. The cheapest version of an asphalt roof is rolled asphalt, good for flat roofs or roofs with almost no incline. A little more expensive are asphalt shingles, smaller pieces that must be put up together. But all this depends on what you use for the base of the roof; Usually plywood of some kind. Looking for inexpensive ways, you may want to do it yourself but there are inexpensive contractors that can do it professionally. I found some really good prices with these guys. They will give you a free consultation and free quote if you call them. And they are experts that can answer your questions professionally. Give them a call at 888-925-2139. I hope this helps and good luck.

Best Way Roofers SupplyPeopleChoosing The Right Roofing Material2010-04-22T19:56:54. 000Z2013-11-22T07:15:09. 000ZWeather Proof: Roofing Material Withstands High WindsThe Weather Channels “Weather Proof” demonstrates what can happen to roofing material during high winds. Watch as DaVinci Roofscapes slate shingles take a fa. . .

Plumbing Pipe

My kitchen sink at the back of the house drains into a 2″ line that goes down into the basement. It then runs along the basement ceiling under the kitchen floor for about 18′ to connect to a 4″ line that is running 90 degrees to the 2″ line. The 2″ line has clogged several times, probably at the connection between the two pipes. There is no clean-out in the 2″ pipe so the only way to clean it is by snaking from under the sink. Should there be a clean-out in the 2″ line and if so where should it be located? Thanks, Larry. From what I can tell… That line should never clog up. It is just a straight pipe, so there is no place for things to hang. They normally hang at junctions or elbows. Take the “P” trap apart under the kitchen sink(that is that “S” looking connection. Usually that is hand screwed together with large plastic nuts(the older ones would be in brass). Have a catch basin right below where you remove the “trap” because it holds some water. Dump out the water and go to the bath tub and wash that trap out on the inside. You may find diamond and gold rings if you are lucky. . Or just general sludge. The sludge happens from not using enough water to flush out the lines after you wash some dishes full of food(crap = rotting food and soap) That means the whole 18″ of straight pipe has had water traveling at the speed of the Mississippi. . Slow and lazily. . So that the food stuffs lay on the bottom of the pipe. Don’t use that sink for a couple of days and that bottom sludge dries and hardens making the pipe smaller. And smaller (that is, if it is occurring in the straight pipe) I think most of your problem is in the trap. Single people have this problem the most because they use very little water (especially the guys) But the girls have that long hair which falls out when they shower and get stuck in the traps. IF your 2″ had a clean-out, it would be on a “Y” pipe or on an elbow. If you have a “garburator” more reason that there is junk in the line. Habitually using more water would correct the situation.

How to remove a compression fitting, from a plumbing pipe, can be done. How do I know this?. . . . . Because I removed a compression fitting from a plumbing pipe . . .

Plumbing Tips

I’m 20 years old and I do have my high school diploma. is plumbing a good profession to get into? I have heard that it can be hard and dirty work but you can make $30,000k a year . Opinions and personal experience please , i will choose a best answer. Basically… Plumbing is a great choice and in many areas you can make much more than $30k. Some of the work is indeed hard and dirty, but much is not. If you work in an area where there is new construction, the work is clean and fast. It is also a good field to start your own business after getting any experience working for a company for a while first. And best of all, nobody can send your job to China.

Shannon from shows you how to cut copper plumbing pipes and solder copper pipes together with an elbow joint.

Shingle Roofing

Need to re roof with shingles. Well, I have your answer right here. First assess the need for tearing off the current shingles and possibly decking the roof. Assuming you just need to add a layer of shingles you’ll start by cutting a row to the height of the visible part of the current bottom row of shingles. Nail the shingles along the top edge using roofing nails, 3 or 4 per shingle. For all the rest of the rows you’ll use full shingles. just butt them against the bottom edge of the current shingle row and nail through the middle of the shingle, it should also pierce the top edge of the new shingle in the row just underneath. When nailing the head of the nail should rest on top of the shingle. if its pressed into the shingle then the shingle will pop free, just nail right next to the mistake. For the ridge shingles you can either cut standard shingles into sections or buy specific ridge shingles. you can’t use the profiled shingles for ridges. You really need to borrow a how-to book from the library. It will explain all the steps with handy pictures and also explain about flashing.

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Local Plumbing

Just wondering if any one has done any of these types of courses? They tend to be advertised in the job section of local papers, offered as a ‘fast track’ to gain qualified plumbers status. They say the offer city and guilds courses etc. . And also gaurenteed employment as a plumber. How do these work, does it cost mega money to purchase these courses or are they any how funded by a learning body? The course state a ‘contribution’ is required but how much is this. Do you know what I found? Anyone whoever thinks he can become a plumber with a fast track course is sadly mistaken, to be a qualified plumber takes years of hard work, attendance with a recognised college and working with another experienced plumber and even then you will have a lot to learn, these get rich quick courses certainly do work, the people whoever run them get rich quick from the thousands you pay to go on the courses, be careful and if you must train to be an expert in anything quickly try the legal profession it pays better and you don’t kill anyone when you make a mistake.

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Timberline Roofing

I’m doing siding and roofing for my house. I’m doing Royal Crest Vinyl siding Wicker color, but I’m confused with Roof color. I need to use Timberline roof. I like Barkwood and Weatherwood, which one will go best with Wicker Vinyl siding. Here is link for Royal crest siding color: #tab-title-2 For Roof: Thanks. Well, I have your answer right here. First you chose a good product, GAF Timberline shingles are some of the most durable with a specially designed fiberglass core. Either is a good option, the Weathered Wood is by far more popular in our market (Texas). You can get a good idea of what it will all look like together by using the Virtual Home Remodel program on GAF. Com. If you think your might be selling in the next 10 years you should also consider which color will be more universally appealing. You can use this program to chose a model home or upload a photo of your home. To do the siding and roof it may take a little while but don’t get discouraged, you can get a really good idea of what it will look like. You might also want to consider finding a Master Elite certified contractor with GAF, they are the only contractors who can offer the upgraded warranty Golden Pledge which covers your materials and labor and is not prorated for 25 years (most only cover materials and prorating kicks in after 10 years).

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Plumbing Bathroom

My next door neighbor had plumbing work done and we share any of the same pipes. Now our water flow has lessened. What would have to be done to the bathroom plumbing to make the water flow stronger in the bathtub? Hi lmtalk: When the plumber working next door turned off the water to the building,(to do the plumbing work) then turned it back on, my water did not come back on. But everyone else had water. We had to alert them to the problem. What do you think that is. What I found out was – Huh?. This makes no sense. There is specific code as to what size pipe the plumber has to use for what. Its not like they can just start changing pipes out at will, unless they didn’t have it permited. . How can you share any of the same pipes? The only pipes you can possibly share are the main, because each house has its own water meter. You need to elaborate more on this – or call a plumber and have him look at it. UPDATE: Well, it is possible that when the plumber changed any pipes out, he could have mixed them up. What I’m thinking might have happend is he cut the water, cut out the pipes he was replacing and when he put the new ones in, he could have connected them wrong where your water source got cut off. In other words, he could have taken you off the main water pipe going into your place. You live in a townhome or condo, right? Then once he realized (after you told him) he could have tried to fix it, but the pressure was completely uneven due to the fact that he routed the pipes wrong in the first place. I bet if you ask your neighbor who was getting the work done, his pressure went up pretty drastically after the work was completed. See if he says yes. If so, then ask if it was permited or not. If not, the plumber will need to come out and fix whatever he messed up. The main pipes (unless its an old building) should be PVC, so cutting them out and putting new ones in is fairly easy. See if his neighbor’s water pressure is way up since the work was done.

TV Host Jodi Marks discusses the Accord seated shower and its easy, caulk-free installation, built-in storage and innovative removable seat.

Ductless Heating Cooling

I live in NYC and buying a business that has an old broken oil heating. I was thinking of investing in a ductless split air system to use for heating and cooling. Can I depend on this system to heat 1600 sqf. Of space or should I get any other heating system? Thanks. I was happy to learn… There are ductless systems that can handle quite a lot of space. Shoot, you can find window units that could cool a space that big; you have a huge opportunity here. That opportunity is scalability. You could install a multi-zone system that serves 3 or even four indoor units. Or if you prefer, you could install more than one outdoor unit, and each serve its own zone. In any case, when an area doesn’t need service you can turn it to a cheaper setting, or even let it drift. There are tremendous savings to be had that way, tuning the heating and cooling as needed. If you can, go see the things in operation before you buy. Some aren’t as quiet as they claim, any make no quietness claims (for good reason), and any are relatively quiet but the quality of the noise they generate makes them feel louder. So try to sample that; the noise the unit generates is the next largest influence it will have on you and your customers after how well it cools the space. Here’s a link to a supplier, and a unit I think isn’t too bad: And that’s a heat pump too, so it will do any of your heating as well. If heating is more an issue for you than cooling (New York gets cold, I know), then compare HSPF ratings between models. Higher numbers are better.

Ductless Heating Cooling in Bellevue (Coil Cleaning). Did you know the main cause of air conditioning failure is neglecting. . .


My wife and I plan on buying around 2 to 5 acers of land in the phoenix area. We are going to build a home that will only be 570 square feet with 1 bathroom. Our kitchen will not have a garbage disposal or a dish washer. It will only have a sink. About how much will it cost to get plumbing all from scratch. After looking around, I learned — Call plumber to get estimate for plumbing cost. Tell him what kind of plumbing you want. As there is no more work so it will not take much cost for plumbing.

Roofing Companies

Okay,, so I was looking for Roofing Companies in Phoenix AZ because I recently noticed a couple of my shingles had actually fallen off but my roof looks fine and I haven’t had any leaks. I was looking for a company in my area that can hopefully check on the condition of it and check whether it needs replacement. I need an honest company that won’t just look at this as and think $$$. Thanks, Derek. I was so pleased to find this — Hey Derek, Well most companies won’t turn down a chance to make money but I would suggest a company that is fairly big or experienced because if you select a smaller or less experienced company they will just take advantage of the situation. I would personally suggest checking it yourself or calling a relative that knows a bit about roofing or home reno and ask them. But if you want a reliable company I always consult with Overson Roofing, they’ve been around for a while and are fairly large. Dominic

Denver Roofing Companies – Denver Co Roofing Companies CALL TODAY (303) 732-6705 Looking for Denver Roofing Companies? Well loo. . .

Roofing Materials

. After looking around, I learned — Yes rubber roofing materials can be used to line your pond. The material that you are looking for is named EPDM and is available at most commercial roofing supply houses such as Allied, ABC, or Bradco. However I would suggest if you know a roofer that he or she purchase it for you otherwise you will pay list price. These rolls come in 10×50 foot and 10×100 foot rolls. It is available in 030 and 045 mil thicknesses. Either one will work. I used to represent a manufacturer that made this material and often sold it to lanscaping centers for this purpose. Manufacturers of this material are but not limited to GAF, Firestone, Carlisle, and Genflex. Out of all of these the Genflex was always more econimically priced however only Firestone and Carlisle have the plants that manufacture this material and re-sell it to the other manufacturers for private labeling so basically it is all the same stuff.

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Home Plumbing

I’m installing sinks in my bathroom and kitchen in my single wide mobile home. All of the plumbing is fixed, it has copper running straight to the faucets, no stops or threaded fittings. Can I just cut in the fittings and solder them in and attach normal coupling hoses etc to my new sinks? It looks like standard size copper pipe coming up from the floor but then it is stepped down to thin copper tubing which then goes straight to the faucet handles. I was so glad to find this — You’re likely to find some odd-ball stuff once you start this project, but it’ll be well worth the effort. Once you have everything switched out to the more common sizes, working on plumbing problems will be much easier in the future.

This video is about my home PEX plumbling. Many newer homes are increasing coming with this product. Though I shared some knowledge on what I learned about P. . .